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CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project

  Galiano Island / St Margarets Cemetery

Community: Galiano Island
Township: Gulf Islands
Locality: Capital Regional District
Province: BC
GPS: 48.864041,-123.351156

Land donated by the Georgeson Family

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Photos courtesy of Galiano Genealogy Group [2015]

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Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

GARDNER, L. Nancy (Bellhouse)   1925 - 1994
GARNER, Margaret Maude   1911 - 2006
GARNER, Ollie   1918 - 2000
GAUTIER, Louis John   1951 - 2013
GAYLOR, Enid A. G.   1921 - 2000
GAYLOR, Ken   1921 - 1983
GAYLOR, Laurence Kenneth   1944 - 2006
GEORGESON, Archie "Uncle Archie"   1894 - 1991
GEORGESON, Henry   1834 - 1927 (age: 93)
GEORGESON, Jessie   1877 - 1891 (age: 14)
GEORGESON, John   1862 - 1909 (age: 47)
GEORGESON, Sophie   1829 - 1918 (age: 89)
GEORGESON, William   1868 - 1897 (age: 29)
GILMOUR, Alice Louisa   1869 - 1952
GILMOUR, William H.   1864 - 1959 (age: 95)
GOODWIN, George Flower   1888 - 1964
GRAY, Annie  
GRAY, Emma  
GRAY, Florence  
GRAY, John Lupton  
GRAY, Vivian  
GREENALL, Bud   1941 - 1962 (age: 21)
GREENLAW, Colin Frank   1932 - 2003
GRIFFITHS, George   1914 - 1995
GRILLS, Larry   1964 - 1977
GROTH, Elizabeth   ? - 1899

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