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Bru Frikirkja Lutheran Cemetery, Argyle RM , MB

Community: Near Bru
Township: NE 16-06-13 W
Locality: Argyle RM
Municipality: Pembina Valley Region
Province: MB
GPS: 49.487988,-99.157368

Church / Denomination: Bru Frikiarkja Church, moved in 1997

Established 1884, first burial date on a marker Olof Metta Thordarson 1875.

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  • George E. Fedyck
  • Manitoba Community Profiles
  • Rosalie Sigurdson

    Photos courtesy of Shae Lee-Brunet [2015]
    Indexed by George Fedyck

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

    ANDERSON, Albert  
    ANDERSON, Alvin S.  
    ANDERSON, August  
    ANDERSON, Benedikt  
    ANDERSON, Elkla Bentina  
    ANDERSON, Gudrun Stefania  
    ANDERSON, Gundy  
    ANDERSON, Halldor  
    ANDERSON, Herbert Andres  
    ANDERSON, John S.  
    ANDERSON, Jon J.  
    ANDERSON, Jonas  
    ANDERSON, Jonasina L.  
    ANDERSON, M. Kathleen   1898 - 1979
    ANDERSON, Margaret  
    ANDERSON, Pasul  
    ANDERSON, Rebe Elsie (Fraser)  
    ANDERSON, Snorri H.   1890 - 1968
    ARASON, Allan T.  
    ARASON, Olive  
    ARASON, Tryggvis  
    ARMSTRONG, Margaret  
    ARNASON, Gudrun  
    ARNASON, Halldor  
    ARNASON, Sigridur  
    ARNASON, Sigurbjortn  
    BJARNARSON, Joseph  
    BJARNARSON, Malmfridur  
    BJORNSON, Gisla (Sigtryggsdottir)  
    BJORNSON, Gisli  
    BJORNSON, Gudrun  
    BJORNSON, Harold  
    BJORNSSON, Bjorn  
    BJORNSSON, Gudmundur H.  
    BJORNSSON, Gudny Wilelmine (Einarsdottir)  
    BREIDAL, (infant son)  
    BREIDAL, Bertel V.  
    BREIDAL, Gudbjorg  
    BREIDAL, Helgi J.  
    BREIDAL, Jessie  
    BREIDAL, Johannes H.  
    BREIDAL, Jon  
    BREIDAL, Kristun  
    BREIDAL, Valgerdur  
    BULL, Hannesina  
    BULL, Valgerdur  
    CHESTER, Lillian (Nordman)  
    CHESTER, Thora Gudrun  
    EINARSDOTTIR, Gudny Wilelmine  
    EINARSON, Bjorn  
    EINARSON, Einar  
    EINARSON, Olof  
    FINNBOGADOTTIR, Valgerdur  
    FRASER, Rebe Elsie  
    FREDERICKSON, Kristjan  
    FREDRICKSON, Christine  
    GILLIES, Johannes  
    GILLIES, Olina  
    GUDBRANDSON, Sigurdur  
    GUDBRANDSON, Thorbjorg  
    GUDNASON, Inga (Gudrun)   1865 - 1940
    GUDNASON, Sigurlaug  
    GUDNASON, Steingrimur  
    GUDNASON, Thorlakur   1855 - 1934
    GUDRUN, Inga   1865 - 1940
    GUNLAUGSSON, Valgerdur (Finnbogadottir)  
    GUNNLAUGSSON, Brinyulfur  
    GUNNLAUGSSON, Brynjulfur  
    GUNNLAUGSSON, Halldora  
    GUNNLAUGSSON, Joseph  
    HALL, A. Harold  
    HALL, Olina  
    HALLFRIMSON, Thorsteinn I.  
    HALLGRIMSDOTTIR, Gudlaug   1828 - 19?6
    HALLGRIMSDOTTIR, Malmfridur  
    HALLGRIMSON, Bjorn  
    HALLGRIMSON, Donald R.  
    HALLGRIMSON, Edwin B.  
    HALLGRIMSON, Elisabeth  
    HALLGRIMSON, Hallgrimsur B.  
    HALLGRIMSON, Ruthie   aunt
    HALLGRIMSON, Sigurdur  
    HALLGRIMSON, Thorsteinn  
    HALLGRIMSON, Valgerdur T.  
    HAYES, Ethel Irene  
    HAYES, Harvey  
    HAYES, Lafayette  
    HAYES, Margaret  
    HAYES, Wesley  
    HAYES, Willie  
    HELGASON, Edith L.  
    HELGASON, Gudlaug  
    HELGASON, Helgi  
    HELGASON, Jon  
    HELGASON, Jonas  
    HELGASON, Kristjana  
    HELGASON, Sigridur  
    HIGGS, Arthur Edgar  
    HIGGS, Julia Magdalena  
    ISFELD, Bjorg Sigridur  
    ISFELD, Fredrick  
    ISFELD, George  
    ISFELD, Harold  
    ISFELD, Helga  
    ISFELD, Herman  
    ISFELD, Joseph Bjorn  
    ISFELD, Kristjan  
    ISLEIFSDOTTIR, Margaret  
    JOHANNESSON, Andres  
    JOHANNESSON, Benita  
    JOHANNESSON, Gudny  
    JOHANNESSON, Valgerdur  
    JOHNSON, Christina  
    JOHNSON, Emel  
    JOHNSON, Gudni  
    JOHNSON, Gudrun wife of Th.  
    JOHNSON, Halldor S.  
    JOHNSON, Paulina G. (Palson)  
    JOHNSON, Peter  
    JOHNSON, Sigrun  
    JOHNSON, Sigrun S.  
    JOHNSON, Thorstein  
    JONASDOTTIR, Helga (Olafsson)  
    JONES, Robert  
    JONSDOTTIR, Helga (Magnusson)  
    JONSDOTTIR, Margret  
    JONSON, Bjarni Thorstein  
    JONSSON, Bjorn  
    JONSSON, Bjorn "BK"  
    JONSSON, Christian B.  
    JONSSON, Helga (Munro)  
    JONSSON, Jon K.  
    JONSSON, Jordis  
    JONSSON, Kristjan  
    JONSSON, Lara Gudrun  
    JONSSON, Marjorie D.  
    JONSSON, Raymond J.  
    JONSSON, Theodore "Ted"  
    JONSSON, Thorbjorg  
    JOSEPHSON, Holmkell  
    JOSEPHSON, Margaret (Isleifsdottir)  
    JOSEPHSON, Oscar  
    LANDY, Gudnfy E.  
    LANDY, Helga J.  
    LANDY, John J.  
    LANDY, Sigridur  
    LANIGAN, Jennie Valdis Hrutfjord  
    MAGNUSSON, Gudmundur  
    MAGNUSSON, Helga  
    MUNRO, Helga  
    NIKULASDOTTIR, Thorbjorg  
    NORDAL, Jakobina G.  
    NORDAL, Jon Harold  
    NORDAL, Magnus J.  
    NORDAL, Sigridur  
    NORDMAN, Conrad   1886 ?
    NORDMAN, Dennis John  
    NORDMAN, Gudbjorg   1853 - 1943
    NORDMAN, Gudmundur   1847 - 1935
    NORDMAN, Gudmundur Kristjan   1877 - 1937
    NORDMAN, Gudrun   1852 - 1887
    NORDMAN, Iris  
    NORDMAN, Laura   1852 ?
    NORDMAN, Lillian  
    NORDMAN, Sigurborg   ? ?
    OLAFSDOTTIR, Lilja  
    OLAFSON, Edvald  
    OLAFSON, Sveinn  
    OLAFSON, Thorun  
    OLAFSSON, Helga  
    OLAFSSON, Jon  
    OLAFSSON, Oli  
    OLIVER, Albert  
    OLIVER, Gudny Bjory  
    OLIVER, Lilja  
    PALSON, Paulina G.  
    PARRY, Griffith Jones  
    PETERS, Ethel  
    PETERS, Helgi  
    PETERS, Siggi  
    PETURSSON, Geirthrudur  
    PETURSSON, Stefan  
    PJETURS, Lilja  
    PJETURS, Sigurdur  
    RUTH, Gudrun  
    RUTH, John  
    RUTH, Lawrence Alfred  

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