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Westville Miner's Memorial, Pictou County, NS

Westville Miner's Memorial
Street Address: Acadia Park
Community: Westville
Locality: Pictou County
Province: NS
GPS: 45.557487,-62.711940

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  • Gord Deagle

  • Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Photos courtesy of Gord Deagle

    ?MURRAY, Duncan   memorial
    BAKER, Thomas   memorial
    BALLANTYNE, George   memorial
    BAXTER, James   memorial
    BENNETT, John   memorial
    BETTS, William   memorial
    BIGNEY, Edward   memorial
    BOATES, John   memorial
    BOWENS, John   memorial
    BOWERS, John   memorial
    BREEN, Michael   memorial
    BROWN, Murdock   memorial
    BURKE, Andrew   memorial
    BURKE, James   memorial
    BURNEY, George   memorial
    BURNEY, John   memorial
    BURNS, Edward   memorial
    CAMERON, Archibald   memorial
    CAMERON, John W.   memorial
    CAMERON, Kenneth   memorial
    CAMPBELL, D.   memorial
    CAMPBELL, Harvey   memorial
    CAMPBELL, John   memorial
    CAMPBELL, Sam   memorial
    CARRIGAN, Peter   memorial
    CASSIDY, Francis   memorial
    CASSITY, Andrew   memorial
    CHISHOLM, Colin C.   memorial
    CLARK, Bob   memorial
    CLARKE, Robert   memorial
    COLLIN, Andrew   memorial
    COOKE, Hugh Allen   memorial
    CRAWFORD, Ed   memorial
    CUNNINGHAM, Robert   memorial
    CYR, Joseph   memorial
    CYR, William   memorial
    DALLING, James   memorial
    DALLING, Sid   memorial
    DALLING, Tim   memorial
    DARROCH, Andrew   memorial
    DAVIES, Peter   memorial
    DUNBAR, Robert   memorial
    DUNBAR, Robert W.   memorial
    DUNCAN, John Kenneth   memorial
    DUNN, James   memorial
    DUNN, John   memorial
    DUNN, Phillip   memorial
    DUPREY, Ed   memorial
    ELLIOTT, John T.   memorial
    ELLIOTT, William   memorial
    ELLIS, John   memorial
    EMERY, John   memorial
    FAVIER, Thomas   memorial
    FINLEY, Daniel   memorial
    FOLEY, Martin   memorial
    FRASER, Albert   memorial
    FRASER, Alexander   memorial
    FRASER, Angus   memorial
    FRASER, John   memorial
    FRASER, Robert   memorial
    FRASER, Simon   memorial
    FREEMAN, Henry   memorial
    GEORGE, ? Stewart   memorial
    GILLIS, Hugh   memorial
    GILLIS, Peter   memorial
    GLENN, Alex   memorial
    GLENWRIGHT, Thomas   memorial
    GRAHAM, Daniel   memorial
    GUY, Abraham   memorial
    HALE, James W.   memorial
    HALE, Joseph W.   memorial
    HALE, Samuel   memorial
    HALLAM, Ernest   memorial
    HALLIDAY, Duncan   memorial
    HALT, Milledge Holt   memorial
    HAMILTON, James Y.   memorial
    HAMILTON, Samuel   memorial
    HAMILTON, William   memorial
    HATFIELD, John   memorial
    HAWES, John   memorial
    HAYMAN, Archibald   memorial
    HAYMAN, David   memorial
    HORNE, Wilfred   memorial
    HOWATT, Timothy   memorial
    HUBBARD, William   memorial
    HUBERT, William   memorial
    JOHNSON, Eugene W.   memorial
    JOHNSON, James F.   memorial
    JOHNSTONE, Neil   memorial
    JOHNSTONE, Peter J.   memorial
    JONES, Edward   memorial
    JOSEY, Emanuel   memorial
    KINGOO, James   memorial
    LEADBEATER, John   memorial
    LINDSAY, Charles   memorial
    LITTLE, Ernest   memorial
    LORNE, Wilfred   memorial
    LUDDINGTON, Trueman   memorial
    LYALL, Matthew   memorial
    MacDONALD, A.R.   memorial
    MacDONALD, Angus   memorial
    MacDONALD, Colin   memorial
    MacDONALD, D.   memorial
    MacDONALD, Duncan   memorial
    MacDONALD, Hugh   memorial
    MacDONALD, J.P.   memorial
    MacDONALD, John   memorial
    MacEACHERN, Alex   memorial
    MacEACHERN, John D.   memorial
    MacGILLIVRAY, Hugh   memorial
    MacKAY, Charles   memorial
    MacKAY, Martin   memorial
    MacKAY, Mike   memorial
    MacKENZIE, Lawrence   memorial
    MacKENZIE, Roderick J.   memorial
    MacMASTER, D.   memorial
    MacNEIL, David   memorial
    MacNEIL, John   memorial
    MacNUTT, Robert   memorial
    MacPHERSON, Clifford   memorial
    MacPHERSON, Gilbert   memorial
    MacPHERSON, James Jr.   memorial
    MacPHERSON, R.   memorial
    MANNING, John   memorial
    MARTIN, Rod   memorial
    McCHARLES, Roderick   memorial
    McDONALD, Co?   memorial
    McDONALD, Daniel J.   memorial
    McDONALD, Duncan   memorial
    McDONALD, Hugh   memorial
    McDONALD, John   memorial
    McDONALD, John W.   memorial
    McELVIE, Elvie Jr.   memorial
    McELVIE, John   memorial
    McGILLIVRAY, Hugh   memorial
    McINNIS, John   memorial
    McKEARNEY, Arthur   memorial
    McLEOD, Oliver   memorial
    McMASTER, Duncan   memorial
    McMILLAN, D.L.   memorial
    McNEIL, David   memorial
    McNEIL, John   memorial
    McPHERSON, James Jr.   memorial
    McRAE, Duncan   memorial
    McRICHEY, John   memorial
    MERRITT, Ed   memorial
    MILLEN, Walter   memorial
    MIRTAN, William   memorial
    MORRISON, James   memorial
    MOSS, Samuel   memorial
    MUIR, David   memorial
    MUIR, Robert   memorial
    MUIRHEAD, Blymand   memorial
    MUIRHEAD, W.B.   memorial
    MURRAY, Alexander   memorial
    NASH, John   memorial
    NELMES, Hubert   memorial
    O'BRIEN, Nicholas   memorial
    PENNY, Thomas   memorial
    PERO, Ed   memorial
    PINKERTON, Thomas   memorial
    PURVIS, Alexander Jr.   memorial
    RAMSAY, James   memorial
    REEVES, James   memorial
    REID, Robert   memorial
    RICHARDSON, Joseph   memorial
    RODGERS, William   memorial
    ROGERS, William   memorial
    ROSS, Alexander   memorial
    ROY, Thomas   memorial
    RUDDICK, Edward   memorial
    RUSSELL, Dave   memorial
    RYAN, Frank   memorial
    SAUNDERS, Fred   memorial
    SHAW, Donald   memorial
    SIMPSON, Bob   memorial
    SINCLAIR, John   memorial
    SMITH, Angus   memorial
    SPELLMAN, James   memorial
    STEWART, George   memorial
    STEWART, McFarlane D.   memorial
    STEWART, William   memorial
    SULLIVAN, Peter   memorial
    TAYLOR, George   memorial
    TAYLOR, Henry   memorial
    THOMPSON, Melvin   memorial
    TURNER, James   memorial
    WALTON, John   memorial
    WEBB, James   memorial
    WHEATLY, Leonard   memorial
    WHITE, Brenton   memorial
    WHITTY, Stephen   memorial
    WILSON, David   memorial
    WILSON, George   memorial
    WILSON, George E.   memorial
    WILSON, George S.   memorial
    WRIGHT, James O.   memorial
    YOUNG, Thomas   memorial

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