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  St Peter's RC Cemetery

Street Address: 73334 Bluewater Hwy
Community: St Joseph
Township: Hay Township (LRE, Lot 4)
Locality: Huron County
Municipality: Bluewater
Province: ON
GPS: 43.437121,-81.701889

Church / Denomination: St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church

Registered to* R.C.E.C. of Diocese of London.

In 1856, ten acres on the southwest corner of Lot 4, LRE, was registered to the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation, Toronto. This cemetery was turned over to the Diocese of London in 1904. Located behind St. Peter's Church. Due to breakage or the deterioration caused by the passage of time many of the early tombstones in the cemetery have been lost. Some of the early stones were formed into the memorial cairn. The earlies date on these is of ...Gett, wife of Samuel Boyle, who died November 30, 1856.

The iron crosses found in the old section of St. Peter's RC Cemetery, were used as headstones, with the name of the deceaded inscribed on a metal nameplate. These iron crosses were fashioned by Joseph Ducharme, who learned the blacksmith trade in Zurich ON and Blake,ON. Joseph Ducharme set up his own forge at Drysdale and in 1886 he married Marie Geoffrey. Joseph and Marie had 15 children. Joseph made all his own tools with the exception of his anvil and blower. Hay Township Highlights 1846-1996. pg. 384

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Photos courtesy of Dianne Tucker [2014-15]

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Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

SAUNDERS, Martha Winnifred (Etue)   1901 - 1990
SAUNDERS, William   spouse
SCHAMPINE, Joseph   ? - 1878
SCHULTZ, Josephine M.   1926 - 2013
SHEA, Mary (Fowler)   1796 - 1870
SHEA, Robert   spouse
SIEMON, Beulah   1921 - 2000
SIEMON, Harold   1919 - 2000
SIEMON, Thelma   1921 - 2002
SOPHA, Dolph   1898 - 1978
SOPHA, Priscilla (Ducharme)   1898 - 1970
SPELMER, Geraldine (Geoffrey)   1917 - 2011
SREENAN, Adena M. (Valliere)   1911 - 2002
SREENAN, Alfred   1890 - 1951
SREENAN, Alfred   1890 - 1951
SREENAN, Alice W. (Wells)   1931 - 2007
SREENAN, Anna   ? - 1904 (age: 76)
SREENAN, Annie (Plante)   1884 - 1946
SREENAN, Arthur   1878 - 1955
SREENAN, Arthur   ? - 1906 (age: 65)
SREENAN, Bernard   ? - 1897 (age: 73)
SREENAN, Bridget   ? - 1883 (age: 88)
SREENAN, Charles   spouse
SREENAN, Charles   ? - 1877 (age: 86)
SREENAN, Charles   1855 - 1918
SREENAN, Charles J.   1923 - 2005
SREENAN, Gerald D.   1908 - 1991
SREENAN, Helen   1852 - 1940
SREENAN, Kathleen Annie   1913 - 1999
SREENAN, Margaret   child of
SREENAN, Mary   1887 - 1971
SREENAN, Mary   1887 - 1971
SREENAN, Mary Louise (Pillant)   1855 - 1931
SREENAN, Rachel   1857 - 1927
SREENAN, Russell Charles   1907 - 1989
SREENAN, Theresa L.   1912 - 1994
SREENAN, Verna M.   1921 - 1973
SREENAN, Verna M.   1921 - 1973
SREENAN, Viola A.   1914 - 2004
STANTON, Dolores M. (Denomme)   1939 - 2001
STANTON, Joseph E.   1939 - 2002
STARK, Donald  
STEINBERG, Leona M. (Druar)   1925 - 2012
STEINBERG, Lloyd G.   1926 - 2011
STIEGLER, Maria   1931 - 1986
SUMERACKI, Arthur A.   1916 - 1995
SUMERACKI, Charlotte E. (Ostrenga)   1918 - 1995

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