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Mount Hope Cemetery, Waterloo County, ON

Mount Hope Cemetery
Street Address: 83 Roger St
Community: Waterloo
Township: Waterloo Township
Locality: Waterloo County
Municipality: Waterloo
Province: ON
GPS: 43.459519,-80.510677

Registered to City of Waterloo.

From Bruce Uttley: This municipal cemetery lies next to the Kitchener cemetery of the same name along a line where the two cities met. When the cemeteries were established, they were both well outside of their respective towns. The cemeteries are now surrounded by the established neighbourhoods and both have been supplemented with modern suburban cemeteries. The original cemeteries in the two villages were churchyards or private grounds, but as the villages grew it became apparent that civic cemeteries were needed.

A survey map of Waterloo from 1854 indicates that the Waterloo cemetery was originally to have been on the south [or west] side of King Street, on the site of the present-day hospital. The street on the west [or north] edge of that land is still called Mount Hope Street. However, we have no indication that this area served as a cemetery. In 1865, Waterloo and Berlin [later Kitchener] appointed committees to arrange for a joint cemetery, but in the end, Waterloo acted on its own, purchasing seven acres from Reeve John Hoffman for the purpose. Hoffman also gave another acre for use as a free cemetery and space for a Potter's Field was also set aside. The village council regulated the use of the cemetery with by-law 25 in 1867.

On the Pine Street gate to the cemetery is the notation: Mt. Hope Cemetery / Established - 1865 / This Pioneer Gateway Erected - 1932. The stone used in the gateway is from the ruins of a building erected about 1830 by one of Waterloo County's early pioneers Andrew Groff, born in Lancaster County Pennsylvania in 1793, died in Waterloo, Ontario in 1877.

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    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Photos courtesy of Doug Smith [2013], additions from Nick Roehrig, Bruce Uttley
    Indexed by Paul McKnight, Marilyn Whiting, Deb Belcher, Tom Thompson, Jim Anderson, Norma Falconer, Sherri Pettit, Linda Pachkowski

    This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

    Because of organizational difficulties, this cemetery was divided for the transcription in a different fashion than the official cemetery plan. The letters in brackets on the map refer to the posted areas.

    YAECK, Edward   1888 - 1932
    YAECK, Emma   1879 - 1959
    YAECK, Estella   1882 - 1974
    YAECK, Florence A.   1921 - 2001
    YANK, Emma   1909 - 2000
    YENDRUCH, Albert   1872 ?
    YENDRUCH, Anne   1882 - 1954
    YENDRUCK, Helen   1910 - 1998
    YENDT, Earl H   1911 - 1973
    YENDT, Frieda C   1893 - 1975
    YENDT, Gladys (Hagen)   1907 - 1982
    YOUN, Anna (Kaufman)   1881 - 1950
    YOUN, George   1883 - 1966
    YOUNG, Agnes Cranston   1854 - 1924
    YOUNG, Carrie C.   1874 - 1954
    YOUNG, Edith V.   1892 - 1981
    YOUNG, Elizabeth   1883 - 1935
    YOUNG, Frederick Bell   1886 - 1965
    YOUNG, James Bell   1879 - 1961
    YOUNG, Margaret   1825 - 1897 (age: 72)
    YOUNG, Margaret   parent
    YOUNG, Marie   1892 - 1925 (age: 33)
    YOUNG, Mary Bell   1843 - 1913
    YOUNG, Nancy Ruth Lee   1956 - 1967
    YOUNG, Rollie   1883 - 1961
    YOUNG, Willam   parent
    YOUNG, William   1827 - 1869 (age: 42)
    YOUNG, William   1820 - 1901
    YOUNGER, Sheila (Berard)   1938 - 1968
    YUNGBLUT, Caroline (Spuhl)   1853 - 1941
    YUNGBLUT, George   1844 - 1923
    YUNGBLUT, Katharina   1816 - 1884 (age: 68)

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