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Camp Skinner Cemetery, Wentworth County , ON

Township: Beverly Township (Concession 2, Lot 27-28)
Locality: Wentworth County
Municipality: Flamborough
Province: ON
GPS: 43.260060,-80.086820

Registered to City of Hamilton. From BLW: "Along the property line of Lots 25 and 26 of 2nd Concession, East of Orkney Road on the north side of road there, is a small burial ground, approximately 60 by 100 feet, used by early settlers to the area. These settlers were members of the Camp and Skinner families. Both Robert Camp and Jepthae Skinner were United Empire Loyalists who came to Beverly in the early 1800's. The burial ground dates from 1822, through some have suggested that the earliest interment was Mary Skinner in 1806. No Marker has been found to substantiate this claim. The small plot was in use until 1882 and was then abandoned. Although there were reports of vandalism in 1965, little was done as ownership was unknown. The existence of the burial ground was lost until 1982, when it was rediscovered by Gordon Forth, purchaser of the property on which the burial ground is located. Mr. Forth found the stones in an area overgrown and covered in brambles and weeds. He has cleared the area completely of all undergrowth, cleaned the stones and with the exception of one monument left upright, laid the reminder flat all owing for run off. Status for burials: closed for burials. No plot plan. Size of the cemetery is small 22 monuments. No signage for the cemetery, there is a wood fence with open sections. Monument types are flat and upright, made out of marble." Info from Hamilton Cemetery Booklet.

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    Photos courtesy of William Cooke [2016]
    Indexed by William Cooke

  • Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

    CAMP, Alex.   1798 - 1882 (age: 84)
    CAMP, Bathsheba   1802 - 1873 (age: 71)
    CAMP, Elizabeth   1796 - 1822 (age: 26)
    CAMP, Elizabeth   1806 - 1849 (age: 43)
    CAMP, Elizabeth   1770 - 1823 (age: 53)
    CAMP, John   spouse
    CAMP, Robert   1795 - 1872 (age: 77)
    CAMP, Robert   1764 - 1834 (age: 70)
    CONNER, Phebe   1804 - 1870 (age: 66)
    DERBY, John   parent
    DERBY, Mary   parent
    DERBY, W. Herbert   1880 - 1881 (age: 1)
    FREELAND, Hartman   1759 - 1856 (age: 97)
    HARRIS, Roxy Ann   1857 - 1863 (age: 6)
    HARRIS, Thomas   parent
    HOGAN, Phebe Ann (Skinner)   1847 - 1869 (age: 22)
    HOGAN, William   spouse
    KEMP, John   parent
    KEMP, Mary   parent
    KEMP, Mary Elizabeth   1866 - 1871 (age: 5)
    McGREGOR, Alex.   spouse
    McGREGOR, Joseph   1857 - 1858 (age: 4m)
    McGREGOR, Mercy   1827 - 1859 (age: 32)
    ROBINSON, Margaret   1801 - 1858 (age: 57)
    SKINNER, Enos   1799 - 1875 (age: 76)
    SKINNER, Franklin A.   1847 - 1853 (age: 6)
    SKINNER, George W.   1849 - 1852 (age: 3)
    SKINNER, Irena D.   1851 - 1851 (age: 4m)
    SKINNER, Jephtha   1758 - 1852 (age: 94)
    SKINNER, Joseph   1832 - 1856 (age: 24)
    SKINNER, Phebe (Conner)   1804 - 1870 (age: 66)
    SKINNER, Phebe Ann   1847 - 1869 (age: 22)

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