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  St Peter's RC Cemetery

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      Street Address of cemetery: 73334 Bluewater Hwy

      Community: St Joseph

      If rural please name closest community

      Geographic* Township: Hay Township (LRE, Lot 4)

      *Geographic Township also refers to historical township - the area as it was named 50+ years ago

      County / District / RM*: Huron County

      *Also refers to historic location - the area as it was named 50+ years ago

      Municipality: Bluewater

      Refers to current municipality in which St Peter's RC Cemetery is located

      GPS: 43.437121,-81.701889


      When St Peter's RC Cemetery was established, first interment, where land orginated, etc. Please include source reference!:

      Church (is St Peter's RC Cemetery affiliated with a church? Is there a church located at the cemetery?):
      St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church


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