CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project

On 23 Dec 2017 Rootsweb removed access to all websites hosted on their servers. Most of CanadaGenWeb is hosted on Rootsweb and this action made our websites inaccessible both to us and to you our visitors. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do until Rootsweb restores service. In the interim our cemetery indexes can be searched but none of the photos are available. We hope that there is a swift resolution and that we'll be back online as soon as possible. We will update our blog and facebook page as we learn more. Rootsweb's message about this outage can be read on their blog.
CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project

  Galiano Island / St Margarets Cemetery

This form is to volunteer to take photos, send photos, create a transcript or create an index for Galiano Island / St Margarets Cemetery.

If you have information that is not requested below, please return to the cemetery page and choose a different submission form. Thank you!

Please do not send materials you did not create yourself. Photos should be sent by the photographer, and indexes/transcripts from the creator.

Your name:
Your e-mail:

What are you volunteering to do?
*If you are unsure what a transcript or index requires, please read the FAQ before volunteering.

    Take photos, create a transcript, or create an index - Please sign up using this form before going to the cemetery, then await** response from the volunteer coordinator to ensure another volunteer isn't already taking photos of this cemetery.
    (**While we answer as quickly as we can, it may take a few days)

      Take photos of every stone
      Take photos of SOME stones
      Create an index* of every name on all stones
      Create a transcript* of every stone

    Send photos already taken, transcript/index already created - Fill out this form and choose the submission option that fits you best.

      Send in photos already taken of every stone
      Send in photos already taken of SOME stones
      Send in an index* already created
      Send in a transcript* already created

      A gentle reminder: When taking cemetery photos, please do not use chalk, flour, shaving cream, etc. on the stone (see tips for alternative solutions)

      Submission Options
      Please see our FAQ for detailed information about each of these options.

      One photo OR one zip file under 2 mb in size:

      Files over 2mb are too large for this form, please double-check file size before using this option

      Multiple photos OR files over 2mb but under 25mb:
      Can be sent via e-mail attachment. Fill out this form and in the comment box let us know you have files ready to send. When the coordinator responds you can attach the file(s) to reply e-mail.

      Multiple photos or files over 25mb, can be sent:
      - Via e-mail attachment if broken into multiple submissions of 25mb per e-mail.

      - Via file request. Let us know in the comments and we'll send you a file request.

      - Via the cloud or a file sharing website (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync, Zoomfoot) where photos can be downloaded without being a member AND in ONE batch (not individually).
      Download Link:

      - Via 'snail mail'. CDs, DVDs or USB flash drives can be sent through the post. However, we cannot reimburse the costs involved. If you choose this method please indicate as such in the comments and a mailing address will be supplied.

      If these options doesn't work for you, or you need assistance, please indicate what you need in the comment box.


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