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We have two requirements for blog posts:
1. It must be genealogy related
2. It must be specific to Canada and/or Canadian genealogy research

All posts are carefully considered but not all will be accepted. If a topic has already been covered we won't post another unless it 1) provides new information or 2) it has been a minimum of 6 months since the first topic was posted.

If you have an event to promote you are welcome to send in detailed information to be posted. Also, we ask that all events & meetings be posted on our CanadaGenWeb calendar for easy reference (events added to our calendar can be subscribed to allowing interested persons to receive a reminder as the event approachs!)

As above our requirements are that the event must be genealogy related, and must occur in Canada. Exceptions would go to any groups or conferences located outside of Canada that are holding an event specific to Canadian genealogy research.

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If an article has already been written about this, please include the URL so we can link to the original source.

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