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Frequently Asked Question: I sent an e-mail to a CanadaGenWeb site and have not yet gotten a reply. Why?

There could be several factors involved. Please keep in mind that this is a volunteer project and many of those involved have very full lives that take priority. Give at least two weeks before assuming your e-mail has been overlooked. Try e-mailing a second time and if you still have not heard back within three weeks of your original e-mail, contact the province/territory host.

If you have been trying to contact a Province/Territory host (those listed on the province/territory list) and have not got a reply after following the above request, please fill out this form:

    Your Name:

    E-Mail Address (make sure it's correct - we can't get back to you if you give us the wrong address!):

    Which Province/Territory host were you trying to contact:

    Please tell me when you first e-mailed, when you last e-mailed, which e-mail address you sent the e-mails to:

    Thank you. You will be contacted shortly.

CanadaGenWeb Coordinator: Sherri Pettit
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