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CanadaGenWeb can give suggestions and pointers (99% of which are already posted throughout CanadaGenWeb) but cannot help with researching a specific family. This project is not a research service - it's a volunteer effort to bring resources online and to provide researchers with information on how to do genealogy research themselves.

If you know what province or territory your family was from, or one that they lived in, please visit that Province or Territory GenWeb site instead of querying on this site for further information. CanadaGenWeb is for non-specific general information about Canadian genealogy. Each province and territory offer their own unique resources that are specific to their area, the co-ordinators of these areas are much more knowledgeable about their province or territory. If you contact CanadaGenWeb about a specific area you will be directed towards the Province or Territory GenWeb site so please save us both some time by going there first!

If you have a place name but are unsure of where in Canada it is, please use the Maps & Places links we offer. If the first link does not give you a result, please try the next. Before querying about a place name PLEASE try ALL of these links.

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    Please return to the page where you found the error, copy the URL of that page & take note of the title. If possible submit the error to the GenWeb site where it occurred so it can be corrected by the appropriate person. If in doubt the CanadaGenWeb Feedback form can be used.
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