We love getting photo submissions, but ask for your help in order to help us do our job better! Please:

Please note: Photos can be sent 'as is' without editing or indexing. These guidelines have been made available for those who wish to use them.



Reserving a cemetery

Cemetery ID code

Choosing a cemetery

    We love to receive and post photos of any Canadian cemetery (provided they are not duplicates of photos already posted). The choice of what cemetery to photograph is your decision.

    Still not sure what cemetery to photograph? Feel free to choose any cemetery not yet photographed! Pick one that is close to home or one of personal interest. Or contact a province/territory coordinator (use the menu at the top of the page), they will work with you to identify which cemeteries in your area have not yet been reserved or photographed and you can then make your choice. (Please note: For most cemeteries coordinators know only as much as is posted on the cemetery page and won't be able to answer questions about size or accessibility).

Permission to photograph

Large cemeteries

Partial vs. Full

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Needed Photos


Large monuments


Old Stones

Cleaning Stones

Mapping the cemetery

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Cropping Photos

Resizing Photos

    Before resizing a photo please crop it first if needed.

    Our preferred size is 800x600, 640x420 is okay if properly cropped.
    Photos should not be smaller than 350x255 (the size of this example):

    Cropping before shrinking ensures that the headstone remains the main subject of the photo which can help with the readability of the inscription:

    Photos smaller than 350x255 are very difficult to read. Most of the photos we post on this site are 800x600 ensuring that they are large enough for most people to read, yet still small enough that they will load quickly for most internet users. (see example)

    Larger sizes are also accepted but will be shrunk to 800x600 before being added to the website.

Renaming Photos

Duplicate Photos

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Zipping Photos

    Zipping is not required unless you are using a file sharing service that does not allow batch downloading (e.g. sendspace).

    If you are using such a service, instead of sending/receiving multiple files (sometimes hundreds), a zip file makes it possible to send just one. This is time saving for both the sender and receiver. Zipping a file does NOT affect the original files. Your photos will not be damaged when zipping or unzipping.

    Zipping is easy to do and does NOT require purchasing a program. Both Windows & Mac come equipped with built-in zipping functions.

    *Please note that we cannot unzip files created using WinZip (it requires both sender & receiver to have the software), nor can we unzip .rar files.

    Once you've created a zip file please rename it to include your name, the cemetery code and the name of the cemetery (e.g.

Batch Downloading

File size

Submission Options