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Add A Correction to 1871 Listowel (Town), Perth (View Transcript)

BEFORE posting any type of correction, please view the corrections already posted and read our instructions. We will not hesitate to remove "corrections" that are duplicates or do not respect our requests regarding corrections.

Due to the popularity of this website we experience a good deal of bandwidth. In order to have room to continue to bring more transcripts online we need YOUR help - please take careful note of what a correction is, and isn't, and post accordingly. Incorrect or unwanted posts will be deleted without warning.

Definition of a Correction:

  • Transcription Error - The transcript differs from the actual census microfilm. In order to indicate a transcriber error you have to have SEEN the actual microfilm copy of the census, not another transcript.

  • Enumeration Error - an error made by the enumerator at the time the census was taken. This means the error is visible on the census itself (i.e. your ancestor listed as "Jane" when her name was really "Joan"). We will accept some of these errors (subject to our discretion). Our request to transcribers & proofreaders is that they copy the census as they see it, and if they copy down the error it's not their fault!

    Corrections are NOT:

  • This is my family! We think it's wonderful that you've found your family listed in our transcripts but your announcement just clogs up the bandwidth needed for proper corrections. If you'd like to make connections with other researching this name please use the appropriate venue.

  • The name listed is different that what I've found in other records. Keep in mind that the census is not 100% accurate. You don't know who answered the door when the enumerator came calling. The servant may not know your ancestor's full name was 'Charles Edgar', they may only know him as 'Chuck' and that's how he'll appear in the census. This also goes for those who may have used different names in different years - it's not uncommon for someone to use their first name one year and their middle name the next time around. Our transcribers are asked to transcribe what they SEE. This will not always match what you may find elsewhere and this does not make it an error.
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