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    1. Walker Pioneer Cemetery, Maryborough Township, Wellington County
    2. Wallace Cemetery, Camden Township, Kent County
    3. Walls Family Cemetery / Fugitive Slave Cemetery, Maidstone Township, Essex County
    4. War of 1812: Misc Canadian Records
    5. Ward Cemetery, Bosanquet Township, Lambton County
    6. Wareham Pioneer Cemetery, Osprey Township, Grey County
    7. Warnock Cemetery, North Sherbrooke Township, Lanark County
    8. Warnock Cemetery, North Sherbrooke Township, Lanark County
    9. Washington Cemetery, Blenheim Township, Oxford County
    10. Waterdown Municipal / Waterdown Union Cemetery, East Flamborough Township, Wentworth County
    11. Waterloo County GenWeb
    12. Waterloo County, Ontario, Cemetery Inscriptions (Ancestry)
    13. WATTS in Canada
    14. Waubaushene Protestant Cemetery, Simcoe County
    15. Waugh Family Cemetery, Ancaster Township, Wentworth County
    16. Waverley United Church / Methodists / French's Cemetery, Simcoe County
    17. Wayne Cook's Genealogy Page
    18. Weaver Cemetery, Willoughby Township, Welland County
    19. Webster Family Cemetery, West Flamborough Township, Wentworth County
    20. Wedgewood / Cox Estate Cemetery, Halton County
    21. Welcome United Cemetery, Hope Township, Northumberland County
    22. Welland County GenWeb
    23. Wellington County GenWeb
    24. Wellington County, Ontario Canada 1851 Census (Ancestry)
    25. Wentworth County GenWeb
    26. Wesley Methodist Cemetery, East Nissouri Township, Oxford County
    27. Wesley United Cemetery, Mersea Township, Essex County
    28. Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms
    29. West Bothwell Cemetery, Zone Township, Kent County
    30. West Cemetery, Middlesex County
    31. West Oxford Cemetery, West Oxford Township, Oxford County
    32. West Wawanosh Memorial, Huron County
    33. Western Land Grants
    34. What Is the "Genealogical Proof Standard"?
    35. What Passenger Lists Are Online?
    36. What Records We Have… What Records We Don't Have (Archives of Ontario)
    37. What's In A Name?
    38. When To Hire a Professional Genealogist
    39. Where is my nearest Land Registry Office and what services does it provide?
    40. Where To Start Your Canadian Research
    41. White Brick Church Cemetery, Ancaster Township, Wentworth County
    42. White Church Memorial Cemetery, London Township, Middlesex County
    43. White Lake Cemetery, McNab Township, Renfrew County
    44. White Oak Cemetery, Middlesex County
    45. White's / Whyte's, Dalhousie Township, Lanark County
    46. White's / Whyte's, Dalhousie Township, Lanark County
    47. Wilkesport Cemetery, Sombra Township, Lambton County
    48. Willey Cemetery, Ekfrid Township, Middlesex County
    49. William Quarrier Home Children Association
    50. Williams Cemetery, Kent County
    51. Williams Settlement Cemetery, Houghton Township, Norfolk County
    52. Willis Family Burying Site, %, Lanark County
    53. Willow Bend Books
    54. Willow Grove Burying Ground, York County
    55. Willson family of Hemlock Grove Farms
    56. Wilson Cemetery, Lanark Township, Lanark County
    57. Wilson Cemetery, Lanark Township, Lanark County
    58. Wilson's Hill Cemetery, Simcoe County
    59. Windfall United Cemetery, Blenheim Township, Oxford County
    60. Windham Centre Cemetery, Windham Township, Norfolk County
    61. Windsor Grove Cemetery, Sandwich South Township, Essex County
    62. Windsor Public Library's Digital Exhibits Award winning web-sites geared to different age groups
    63. Wingham Cemetery, Turnberry Township, Huron County
    64. Wolverton Cemetery, Blenheim Township, Oxford County
    65. Women In Your Tree (Part 1): The Other Half of Your Family
    66. Women In Your Tree (Part 2): Building On Two Primary Rules Of Researching Women Ancestors
    67. Women In Your Tree (Part 3): An Overlooked Goldmine of Female Ancestor Research
    68. Women In Your Tree (Part 4): October Is Women's History Month
    69. Women In Your Tree (Part 5): Target Ottawa, In Person Or On-line, In Your Search For Female Kin
    70. Women In Your Tree (Part 6): Explosion of information in cyberspace is a big boost to your search for female ancestors
    71. Women In Your Tree (Part 7): Become a detective on the trail of your female ancestors
    72. Women In Your Tree (Part 8): Real-Life Examples Of Searching For Women In Your Tree
    73. Women In Your Tree (Part 9): Using Professions, Education and Hobbies To Trace Female Ancestors
    74. Woodhouse United / Old Methodist Cemetery, Woodhouse Township, Norfolk County
    75. Woodhull Cemetery, Middlesex County
    76. Woodland Cemetery Records, Kitchener, Ontario (Ancestry)
    77. Woodlawn Cemetery, Perth County
    78. Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Guelph Township, Wellington County
    79. Woodmen of the World Mailing List
    80. Woodslee United / South Woodslee United Cemetery, Essex County
    81. Working With Old Photographs
    82. WorldGenWeb
    83. WorldWeb Travel Guide Ontario Map
    84. Wroxeter Cemetery, Howick Township, Huron County
    85. Wyandotte Indian Cemetery, Malden Township, Essex County


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