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Ontario Q&A
Please take a moment to read what this page is all about. Thanks!

Ontario Q&A was set up to help genealogists answer questions that cannot be found elsewhere on the OntarioGenWeb

This page is:

  • NOT for area specific questions (please see the County/District GenWeb site for that type of information!)
  • NOT a query page
  • NOT a research service
  • NOT a place locator
  • NOT a miracle worker!!

    Looking for a town, city, or place in Ontario? Visit the Ontario Locator

    PLEASE if you have a question about a particular County, District, or place in Ontario. Visit the County/District GenWeb site pertaining to that area. There's a very, very good chance you will find your answer there. Thank you!

    Ask an Ontario Genealogy Question

    $ Some links may offer paid services or resources and are not financially associated with the OntarioGenWeb Project $

    Have an Ontario genealogy question that's not answered on OntarioGenWeb?

    Please note that questions that have already been answered elsewhere on OntarioGenWeb will not be answered again. Queries for specific family information are not answered - submit a query instead please.

    PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT for genealogical queries!! If you're not sure what this page is for, please read what's already posted.

    Your Name:

    Your E-Mail:

    What is your Ontario genealogy question (please be as specific as possible - many questions cannot be fully answered as important details are not included in the question):

    Finding something on this website
    Ontario genealogy resources
    Finding a place in Ontario
    Overcoming a brick wall
    A question about research
    Posting a query
    Searching outside Ontario, but still in Canada
    Searching outside Canada
    The meaning of a word
    Finding others researching my surname
    How to research a specific area in Ontario
    Genealogy Forms
    OntarioGenWeb Mailing List
    None of the above

    Help! These questions need answers... can YOU help?
    If you can see this message your browser does not support iframe's or has blocked access to iframe's (see the 'Options' section of your browser to allow iframe's). Don't worry though! <a href=http://www.geneofun.on.ca/db.php?database=ogwqa&template=ogwqahelp.html&sort=QNO&search=ANSWER&max=200&find=ffffff&sort=newest>Click here</a> to view the page.

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