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All surname listings posted to this website are moderated. Inappropriate listings, duplicate submissions or those that do not provide required information will be deleted without notice.

You can submit as many Ontario surnames as you like, but only ONE submission for each surname. Any duplicate postings will be deleted without notice! If you don’t understand this policy click here BEFORE filling out this form

  • If you are updating a listing with new information, please delete the old one first.
  • If you are researching a surname in several counties or districts, please submit it as one entry (more than one would be considered a duplicate and both may be deleted)

    EXAMPLE - This is how a ‘typical’ listing might look...
    Surname: SMITH
    Time Period: 1800-1900
    Area of Ontario: All of Ontario

    Submittor: Me
    E-Mail: me@myaddress.com      click here for e-mail box
    WebPage: http://www.nameofyourwebsite.com

    Description: Seeking Robert Smith, born in Renfrew County, Ontario. Married Jane Doe in 1819 and lived in Russell County, Nipissing District, Simcoe County and York County where they both died.

    Date Posted: 1 Jan 2011

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      You MUST state which County/District you are researching this surname in! Surname submissions that do not have a county/district given may be deleted without notice. If you do not know the county/district you need, use the Ontario Locator first, then come back and post your listing.

    • If you know what town/city/village, etc you are researching this surname in, you may include this information here, BUT ONLY if you know the County/District in which this place is in.

    • If you choose 'All of Ontario', 'SE Ontario', 'SW Ontario', 'NE Ontario', or 'NW Ontario' as your area of research, please do not put anything else.
      Your County/District choice must come from this list!
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      "Description" is the field where you can specify first names and other places (outside Ontario). Keep it short please! [Example: GILBERT, Isaac & wife Mary Rowland - originally from Connecticut, USA, United Empire Loyalists, emigrated to Woodhouse, Norfolk County, Ontario via New Brunswick by 1812]


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    Duplicate Posts are not welcome. A duplicate post is when one person posts the same surname multiple times. Our policy is that each person can post ONE listing for EACH surname you're researching in Ontario.
    • If you're researching more than one family with the same surname – combine it into ONE listing (use the description box to provide more info about each family)
    • If you're researching one family with the same surname in more than one area - ONE listing (again, use the description box)
    • If you're researching one family with the same surname at different time periods - ONE listing (yes, use the description box)
    • If you're doing all of the above - ONE listing (In total it adds up to ONE listing per surname regardless of the other factors)

      This policy is in effect to control the amount of bandwidth and workload on the server. I don't enjoy having to delete submissions when it's clearly a waste of both your time and mine. Please save us both the time and frustration!!

      Smith - 1780-1850, Welland & Lincoln Counties. My Smiths were in Welland 1780-1810, then in Lincoln County 1810-1850. By Bob Smith

      NOT Accepted:
      Smith - 1780-1810, Welland County. By Bob Smith
      Smith - 1810-1850, Lincoln County. By Bob Smith
      This would be considered a duplicate post!!

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