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Surname: GILLETT
Time Period: 1874-2006
Area of Ontario: Middlesex

Submittor: Diana Johnson
E-Mail: diana7@flinthills.com      click here for e-mail box

Description: Gillett, Edwin & Harriet Brown- org Moreton-in-the-Marsh, Glos., Eng entered Canada abt 1874. They had 4 children when they arrived: William 1865, John, Heneretta, Walter 1871. Those born in London City, Ont: George 1879, Albert 1877, Rosina, David, Agnes Catherine. Only two of Edwin's children left Canada: Walter to Cleveland, Oh USA, & Rosina Gillett, Dracup, Fessender to Detroit, Mich. with Mr. Dracup & had 1 child Hariett Rosina Dracup in Mich. Looking for living cousins, have photos of Albert & Walter. Have much to share about this family.

Date Posted: 2006-06-03

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