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Surname: BELL
Time Period: 1860-1960
Area of Ontario: York County Toronto

Submittor: Victoria Straughan
E-Mail: vbs@sympatico.ca      click here for e-mail box

Description: William Clayton Bell Married Edith Lillian Warne April 29 1892 Toronto Ontario They had one daughter that I know of Edith Marjory Bell Born Jan. 24 1892 Toronto.William Bell was the son of W.H. Bell a Book salesman Toronto Also Looking for John Bell Son of Edward Bell & Agnes P. Taylor.John Born Toronto 1863. Married Ethel Francis Warne March 11 1905 Toronto Ontario I understand John & Ethel had 2 children ,I do not know their information. Any Information on either of these Families would be GREATLY APPRECIATED

Date Posted: 2006-06-16

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