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Surname: HUGHES
Time Period: 1831-1930
Area of Ontario: Adelaide, Metcalfe,Caradoc, Middlesex

Submittor: Carla Johnson
E-Mail: csj0767@sbcglobal.net      click here for e-mail box

Description: Paul Hughes & wife Lady Maria Louisa Fitzgerald originally from Wales and IReland. Their Children William, Henry, Charlesson, John, Robert, Anna Maria,Wellington, Frederick. I believe that all were born in Limerick, Irelnad with the exeption of Frederick who was born in Canada. Paul was an Ensign in the 79th Cameron Highlanders and the 93rd Highlanders. Then a Captain in the Adelaide 2nd Light Infantry in the Rebellion of 1837-1838. William fought in the US Civil War. They came to Adelaide under a land grant granted in place of Pauls Pension in 1831.

Date Posted: 2006-09-24

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