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Surname: SHORT
Time Period: 1860-Present
Area of Ontario: London/Middlesex

Submittor: David Lander
E-Mail: dvdlndr@aol.com      click here for e-mail box

Description: Reuben Edward Short b 1835 ENG mar 1) Betsey Scott, CH Mary Ann b1859, Reuben Charles b1861, Louisa Colston b1863 mar Clemenson, William Edward b1865; mar 2) Maria Louisa Hardy, CH Henry Ebenezer b b1870, James Reuben b1873 mar Colby, Thomas Lawrence b1875 MAR Jacques, Maria Colston b1879 mar Evans, Amelia Annie b1881 mar Baker, Mary Jane b 1883 mar Terry, Elizabeth Louise b1885. Some members remained in London Ontario area and several others migrated to US such as my grandfather, Charles Reuben Short b 1871. Believe many buried in London ONT cemeteries. Sure would like to build bridge with my Canadian family. David Lander, Cripple Creek CO PS Thank you for this service!

Date Posted: 2006-11-01

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