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Brodhagen     (Dispersed Rural Community)    
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Other Names (also known as):
Former Name(s): Broadhagen (alternate spelling, not official name)

Geographic*: Logan Township, Perth County
Municipal: Municipality of West Perth

Named for "Charles" Johann Carl Friedrich Brodhagen who immigrated from Eisdorf, Germany in 1851 via New York. He leased 100 acres at Lot 31 Concession 8 from the Canada Company on 21 June 1856. He remained on the parcel until his death 7 December 1875 having purchased it from the Canada Company 6 December 1873. He and his wife, Justine (formerly Opperman) built a 2 story log house on the property and ran a hotel, tavern and store from the premises called Brodhagen's Hotel. Charles was the first Postmaster in Brodhagen from 1 October 1863 until 1 April 1875. He was a remarkable man. Historian William Johnston wrote in his 1902 Perth County History "In his own person he combined the various callings of farmer, hotelkeeper, postmaster, merchant, tailor, bandmaster, music teacher and gentleman." In old Logan Township council minutes he is mentioned as Pathmaster and Poundkeeper for a few one year terms. His son William inherited the property and continued to run the Hotel until 1879 when the property was sold. Most of the Brodhagens moved away and there were none of that name living in the township in the 1901 Census. They had gone to Wallace Township, Stratford and McKillop Township in Huron County. A few returned later remain in the area today. Submitted by Christol James Gilbert. Information obtained through Canada census records, birth, marriage and death records, Ontario land records, Logan Township Municipal Council minutes, immigration and National Archive records and historical accounts.

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  • Christol James Gilbert
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