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Brouseville     (Compact Rural Community)    
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Other Names (also known as):
Former Name(s): Bolton's Corners

Geographic*: Edwardsburgh Township, Grenville County
16 km North-East of Prescott, 61 km West of Cornwall

Name changed to Brouseville about 1867 after local physician Dr. Brouse; Post office established in 1874

A History of Edwardsburg, Ontario Archives, Toronto, Ontario, pages 49 and 50. BROUSEVILLE - On January 1st, we Canadians will observe the Centenary of Confederation. Our recorded history goes back to Cartier's exploration in 1534. It was not until 1867 that a group of men, namely the Fathers of Confederation, conceived a plan to unite this great country of ours from Atlantic to Pacific. Thanks to them we have become a great country both in natural and human resources. The second largest country in the world extending over 3,000 miles from coast to coast. Our country is made up of thousands of small communities. These have a history all their own. The one of which I am about to write is Brouseville. Brouseville is located on the Shanly road, in Edwardsburg township, about 3 1/2 miles north of Cardinal. Let us turn back the pages of history to the year 1867. Brouseville was then known as Bolton's Corners. This name was given because a great many people by the name of Bolton lived here. It was a thriving community in those days. Some of the names common in the district were, Morgatroyd, Chambers, Adams, Smith, Dodge, Anderson, Briggs, Grant, Lane, Sayeau, Van Camp, Liezert, Bolton and many others. A few of these name still exist. Many of these men served on the local council.

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  • James Anderson
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