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From Bob Campbell: On Mary Crandall's OVS website: 8685-06 (Frontenac Co) William Joseph EMMONS, 19, farmer, Jackson Mills, Latimer, s/o Albert EMMONS & Margaret RUTTAN married Edna Pearl LYON, 17, Inverary, Latimer, d/o Robert LYON & Harriet HUGHSON, witn: Mary LEARY & Martha WELLER of Kingston, 31 March 1906, Kingston. "Jackson Mills Road" is on the map of Kingston; it lies between McIvor Road & Bur Brook Road. Where it crosses Bur Brook Road is the location of the Mill. I beleive there is a sign in the hamlet. It's west of Silvers Corners. I could not find it on the 1878 Historic map, although I beleive it is around Con 4/5 Lot 13.

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