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Other Names (also known as): Willbrook
Former Name(s):

Geographic*: Nelson Township, Halton County

1Excerpts from the book "From Pathway to Skyway", Chapter #14 CUMMINSVILLE-DAKOTA "Many residents of Cumminsville were employed in Dakota which lay immediatelly to the south . Here stood one of the first schools, Foster's at the corner of No. 5 sideroad and Cedar Springs Road. The old Dakota grist mill once served as a flour mill. In later years it was a saw and grist mill. Dakota originally had quite a number of residents. A place called "Willbrook" is mentioned as having been at this location. It would appear that these two names are for the same small village. By far the largest business concern in the Northern section of Nelson township was the Canada Power Company at Dakota. Operations were begun about 1854 for the manufacture of gunpowder. In 1862 the Hamilton Powder Company purchased the mills and employed over 200 men, from Kilbride, Cumminsville and Dakota. On October 18, 1884 a mighty explosion rent the air and the Dakota powder were no more. The mills were never rebuilt which sounded a death knell for Willbrook-Dakota and Cumminsville. Men thrown out of work settled elsewhere and the countryside reverted to it's former pastoral peace."; 2Dakota was the name of a little settlement in North Halton County, near the present village of Kilbride. Also nearby was Cumminsville - they almost ran together. Dakota was the site of a famous old mill, and also a powder plant which exploded violently in October, 1884.

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  • 1Judy Houston
  • 2Dorothy Turcotte
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