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Falkenburg     (Post Office)    
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Geographic*: , Victoria County
9.6km from Bracebridge

Established 1863 but was "moved" a few years later to 'Falkenburg Station' when the railway was built to the south

The name Falkenburg has a couple of twists. Firstly,it had two spellings. The post office hammer was erronenously spelled as "Falkenburgh" then later changed, minus the "H". Year not known. Also, there was a "Falkenburg Staion". The 2 post offices were only a few miles apart at one time. Falkenburg closed in 1894 and the post office of Falkenburg Station remained opened until January 1, 1970. I am a postal historian and have documented a lot of these myself. A book that will give you dates on post office openings and closings that I use is "Ontario Post Offices Volume 2: By County and District" by Robert C Smith.1

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  • 1Larry Matthews
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