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Geographic*: Arthur Township, Wellington County
Municipal: Township of Wellington North

1Farewell, Ont. is on the 11th of Arthur Township, Wellington Cty. Many McIntosh families came here from Puslinch, Ont. to settle. They still have a grocery store, and a couple others. In the early 1900's it had a population of approx. 100 but a fire destroyed some of its stores. The school has been converted into a house. The Anglican church is still there. Charles and Peter McIntosh built the original feed mill and many of the buildings around 1847. This was the home of Harry A. McIntosh for whom a book has been written called the McIntosh's of Canada as he had amassed a collection of 2117 McIntosh family names across canada from his travels. For further info on the book contact

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  • 1m.peters nee mcintosh
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