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Geographic*: Hallowell Township, Prince Edward County

1This area got its name as a result of land grants that were given to three Gerow brothers - Henry, Isaac and Benjamin - based on UEL claims. Each brother was granted 200 acres because of their father's service as an officer during the American Revolution. Thus a total of 600 acres was granted to these three brothers - the first got half of Lot 64, all of 65 and half of 66; the second got half of Lot 66, all of 67 and half of 68; the third received half of Lot 69, all of 70 and half of 71. The gore part came of course from its triangular shape. One of these brothers - Isaac - is a direct ancestor of mine. So I did quite a bit of research on this area some years back. All this information was originally extracted from the land records of Hallowell Twp. at the Ontario Archives.

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