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Gillies Hill     (Dispersed Rural Community)    
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Geographic*: Elderslie Township, Bruce County
Municipal: Arran-Elderslie

This is a cross roads, possibly once a hamlet or a village. It is on the 15/16 Sideroad and 16th Concession in Elderslie Twp., Bruce CO., The congregation of Gillies Hill Presbyterian Church, Gillies Hill (Bruce County) was organized by the Rev J. Johnston in 1894, having been a preaching station previously. The congregation met in the Town Hall for many years until construction of a church, which was begun in 1909 and completed in 1910. Gillies was linked with Salem and Dobbinton as a three-point charge from its beginning. In 1925 Gillies and Salem were linked with Paisley (presumably Dobbinton joined the United Church). This continued until 1936 when the last service was held in the church by the Rev A. H. Wilson and in the following year the church property was disposed of. The Gillies Hill Telephone Company Limited ran from 1908-1963.1

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  • 1Margaret Hornsby
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