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Geographic*: Enniskillen Township, Lambton County

Lambton County Names and Places indicates that this community was named after John Rae. Rae established a stave mill 4 and a half miles East of Oil City next to the Canadian Southern Railroad Line in the late 1800s. June 6 1887 the post office of Glen Rae was established and Sebastian Ray is recorded as the first Postmaster, according to the Library and Archives Canada record of Post Offices and Post masters. It is unclear if the stave mill owner John Rae, and Sebastian Ray, are one and the same, as no records can be found to clarify this. The last recorded Postmaster at Glen Rae was Harry Moore, who was appointed to the post on April 11, 1946. The post office officially closed January 30, 1960.

The Canadian Southern Railroad was taken over by the Michigan Central Railroad (Canadian Division) in 1904, and then in 1929 by the New York Central Railway. Glen Rae became the hub of the local farm community with its post office, general store, and train station with scheduled stops up to 1950. A grain and sugar beet loading facility existed on a siding West of the store and remained till the late 1940s.

In 1960 Glen Rae succumbed the fate of many small community centers when rail was no longer important for travel, and the shipping of farm goods was centralized. The closing of the train station was followed by the closing of the post office. In 1962 the railroad tracks were lifted, and finally in 1970 the store closed and the buildings and acreage was sold off. Today all that remains is a driveway culvert in the drainage ditch on the east side of Oakdale Road, and the faint footprint of old foundations in a farm field. The old rail bed is now the right of way for a high voltage power line.

Most of the farm buildings built in the early 1900s are gone and some of the old home steads abandoned.1

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