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Lake Opinicon     (Dispersed Rural Community)    
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Other Names (also known as): Opinicon
Former Name(s):

Geographic*: Storrington Township, Frontenac County

From Cataraqui Trail, c/o Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, P.O. Box 160, Glenburnie, ON K0H 1S0, Telephone: (613) 546-4228, ext.304, Email:
Lake Opinicon Area: Three sawmills, a shingle mill, a cheese factory, and a phosphate mine were located in 1870 in the now ghost village of Lake Opinicon at the head of Opinicon Lake. Later a sawmill operated between Rock and Opinicon Lake and a flour mill at the outlet of Rock Lake Creek. The connection from this settlement and Bedford Mills was the Old Bedford Road, now only a trail that crosses the railway right of way. A feldspar mine on Upper Rock Lake shipped ore via the railway. A canal was dug between Upper Rock Lake and Stonehouse Lake in 1910 when the Canadian Northern Railway was being pushed through from Sydenham to Ottawa. Feldspar ore was barged through the canal to a siding on Stonehouse Lake.

This village is set on the shores of the Rideau Waterway a Unesco World Heritage Site. Remnants of the town exists including original foundations for a Methodist Church and School. The town developed as a result of the building of the canal system from Ottawa to Kingston as trade route for mining phosphate and mica. And for the lumber and cheese industries. A Cheese factory was here as well as a steam powered mill.

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  • Ellen Bishop
  • Trent Oxman
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