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Other Names (also known as):
Former Name(s): Bogart Town

Geographic*: Whitchurch Township, York County
Municipal: York Region
Part of the Town of Newmarket. Formerly in Home District, Canada West; King Twp, York County.

Established by John Bogart who settled there in 1802 (and built saw mills there in 1805); Post Office established 1 Jun 1898, closed 1 Oct 1900. Became part of Newmarket 1 Jan 1971

1First settled by John Bogart, a Quaker, in 1805 at what is now the intersection of Leslie St and Mulock Drive. John Bogart built mills on Bogart Creek in Lot 31, Con 2 on the old Uxbridge Trail that ran from Yonge Street to Uxbridge village. My g-g-grandfather was George Ballard, teacher, farmer, surveyor and the local writer of legal documents (deeds, quit cliams, etc), and in his writings referred to Bogarttown as "Bogart's Mills". George settled in Bogart's Mills in 1831. He kept a diary, letters, etc. with great detail and preciseness, and I possess his writings. He wrote about many events including the Mackenzie Rebellion which occurred while he owned a tavern in Bogart's Mills in 1837. In his writings he referred to Bogart's Mills numerous times, as late as 1848. George Ballard wrote "at the time alluded to, we were living at Bogart's Mills... soon after that we experienced some trouble and losses, principally occasioned by the rebellion, or rather not being rebellious. The village where I lived, and I may say the neighbourhood for miles round, were inhabited by persons who stiled themselves reformers, who swallowed all the mischief making Mackenzie published in his papers and became ripe for rebellion in which they joined." A post office was established in 1898 spelt Bogarttown; alternative spelling was then Bogart Town. George Ballard moved to Uxbridge town in 1838, then in 1846 went on to Hawksville, Wellesley Township where he was a farmer, the district writer, first teacher, first Clerk of the Court, first Treasurer of Wellesly Township.

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  • 1Peter Ballard Moran
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