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Geographic*: Potts Township, Rainy River District
Municipal: Township of Chapple

Finland was first settled by the Finn people of Finland, Europe in early 1903-04 11-12. The hamlet gradually grew to the point that it supported 3 grocery stores, a post office, and a 3,000 square foot school, from grade 1 thro 10. In the 1960's the school had over 100 students. As the "baby-boomers" matured and married, most left the area to persue careers away from the farm, and bush work. To-day the local people get their mail by RR#2, Emo, delivered to their mail box, and the nearest store is 6 miles away, at Off Lake Corner. But keep an "eye" on this little hamlet, as there are signs of minerals all over the area. source: personal knowledge (maiden name: BRAGG, and I was born there in 1949.)... currently own #4544, located in the center of "town". (todays population: c:29).1

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