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Geographic*: Township 28-XX, Algoma District

1In the fall of 1951, my father, Gerald David Powell was lost while camping and fishing. The group of three boys (young men) was suppose to fish on Agawa Lake, but my dad wandered off to find a "hot spot." He dissapeared for three days. The lake he searched for (and found) was named Lost Boy Lake. The lake showed on maps my father had in his possession twenty-five years ago.

2This lake appears on the Lake Superior Provincial Park map that can be purchased from the park. Lost Boy Lake is about a mile and 1/2 West of the Algoma Central Railway tracks, a mile North of Agawa Station Lake, 3 miles South of Sand Lake, and is near the Eastern boarder of the park about 2/3 of the way up from the Southernmost point in the park. It appears to be fairly inaccessible. Other than the railroad track, the nearest road or even hiking trail appears to be more than 15 miles away.

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  • 1Stewart Byron Powell
  • 2Roy Kranz
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