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New Lowell     (Compact Rural Community)    
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Other Names (also known as):
Former Name(s): Sunnidale Station, Prenticeville

Geographic*: Sunnidale Township, Simcoe County
Municipal: Township of Clearview

Quote from Book Sunnidale Looks at yesterday, A History of Sunnidale, published by the township 1980:
Increased interest and demand for lumber in the early 1860's brought an influx of lumber merchants, sawyers and labourers to the virtually untouched dense forests of Sunnidale. Alexander Prentice, a lumber merchant, arrived in 1864 settling on lot 5 and 6, concession 4 of Sunnidale. Then 48 years old, he built a home on lot 5 and established a sawmill. On the adjacent lot 6 the land was divided into lots for ten houses for the labourers he employed in the sawmill and lumber mills.The names of the labourers were not recorded in the 1864 assessment roll except two sawyers: John Tennabarry (30) and James Lockhart (36). In addition Prentice owned lots 5 and 6 in the third concession. The small but thriving settlement was named Prenticeville after it's founder and owner. the lumber mills were located close to Coates Creek. During a flood one spring the first dam built on the creek was washed out and a man named Gaugh drowned. His body was never recovered. Along the banks of the creek near Prenticeville mill on lot 6, con. 4 was an area known as The French Settlement. the first reference to the settlement appeared in the report of the Committee on Roads and Bridges on Aug. 2, 1866. The English settlers lived in row houses on lot 6, con 4 owned by Prentice. On May 26 1866 from the report of Committees on roads and bridges the commissioners were instructed to go on with the building of a bridge on the New Lowell Rd. close to the Prentice estate. It is interesting to note that a bridge no longer exists on that stretch of road.Four years later Township council granted Alexander prentice the right to build a tram-way from his place in New Lowell. it was constructed of wooden rails set out in a similar fashion to a railway line, over which flat cars loaded with lumber were drawn by horses or oxen."
Also in the book is a picture of an original statement of account with a heading of Prenticeville Steam Saw Mills New Lowell Post Office, Ontario.

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