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Whitney     (Compact Rural Community)    
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Other Names (also known as):
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Geographic*: South Algonquin Township, Nipissing District
Formerly in Airy Township

1Named for Edwin Canfield Whitney, manager of St. Anthony lumber Co. established its sawmill here in 1895. Although he grew up near Morrisburg, Ontario, Whitney spent 25 years in Minneapolis, Min. with the St. Anthony Lumber Co. at Saint Anthony Falls on the Mississippi River. In 1897 he bought out his American partners and continued to operate the mill while residing in Ottawa. In 1910 the mill and townsite were sold to the Munn Lumber Co.

Source(s) of Information:

  • 1Brian Westhouse: Whitney, St. Anthony's Mill Town on Booth's Railway, by Brian D. Westhouse. Friends of Algonquin Park 1995.
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