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Misplaced Places are place names that are thought to be (or once been) in Ontario. Your help is needed to confirm or deny the existence of these inquiries. If you have any information about any of the following place names please help!

161 places have been misplaced

Place, Possible Location

Armenia, (Possible Match(es): Armagh, Armitage, Artemesia)
Badwolf, (Possible Matche(s): Biddulph)
Barreworthy, (Possible Match(es): Barrymere, Barryvale)
Barstow, (Possible Match: Barton)
Beach's Corners, Leeds & Grenville Counties (Possible Match(es): Beachburg; Beech Corners)
Belvedere, (Della Thomas)
Bideworth or Bedworth, Renfrew County (Possible Match(es): Bedford, Biddulph)
Birds Landing, ()
Blackshore, near Windsor ()
Bomth Settlement, (Possible Match(es): Booth)
Brenbrook, (Possible Match(es): Binbrook, Pembroke)
Brookfield, Ontario? ()
Brookland, (Possible Match(es): Brooklin; Brookland, Pictou County, Nova Scotia)
Busey, (Busby Township; 1Busyville, Sombra Township, Lambton County. Post office opened May 1st 1911 closed June 1st 1914.)
Bush Trails, (Possible Match(es): Bush Tail Lake, Bushtrail Creek, Bushtrail Lake?)
Chibechkon, (Possible Match(es): Chipican Lake)
Chincouchi, (Possible Match(es): Chinguacousy Township, Peel County; Chiniguchi Lake, Sudbury District; Chiniguchi River, Sudbury District)
Connor's Corners, ()
Cooperville, Was a town located between Donegal and Listowel, Near Lake Chaplain Perth County? ()
Cott, York County? Ontario County? (Possible Match(es): Cotte Township, Sudbury District; Cote Township, Cochrane District; Cottam, North Gosfield Township, Essex County)
Distress Rapids, (Possible Match(es): Distress River, Chapman Township, Parry Sound District (River))
Dixon Landing, (Possible Match(es): Dickinsons Landing1)
Dodgate, ()
Donearon, (Possible Match(es): Doran, Donegal, Dorion, Dranoel Station)
Dorland Pond, Grey County ()
Drumhill, (Possible Matche(s): Drummond, Drummondville)
Dunage, ()
Dunfred, Brant County ()
Dunstable, probably York ()
Dunton Pond, Grey County ()
Durage, Middlesex County ()
Dutch Creek, (Possible Match(es): Dutch Creek, Bay City, Michigan)
Eagle River, Haliburton County (Possible Match(es): Eagle River, Kenora District; Eagle Lake, Haliburton County)
Ebenezer, Oxford County ()
Ebenezer, Durham County ()
Eckertown, (Possible Match(es): Egerton, West Luther Township, Wellington County)
Essexville, (Possible Match(es): Essonville, Ecclesville)
Evenston/Evanston, (Possible Match(es): Everton)
Fairfield, Renfrew County ()
Fario, (Possible Matche(s): Fargo; Cairo)
Fernwood, Leeds ()
Fesslin, (Possible Match(es): Fessendon; Fesserton)
Fisher Corners, Simcoe County ()
Fisher's Corners, Huron County (sher leetooze)
Fitzhenry's Mills, Prescott County ()
Ford Ridge, (Possible Matche(s): Fordwich)
Fort Bolton, (Possible Matche(s): Bolton, Bolton's Corners)
Freeswater, (Possible Match(es): 1Teeswater, Culross Township, Bruce County)
Frinesville, (2Would this be Erinsville, Sheffield Township, Lennox and Addington County?)
Gahale (Lahale?), ()
Ganselstadtel (Goosetown), Perth County ()
Garfield, Haldimand County ()
Gillesburg, (Possible Match(es): Galesburg)
Glen Craig, 7 miles from Cobourg ()
Glen hurst, ()
Grand River, ()
Grass Creek, Frontenac County ()
Grove Union, Norfolk County ()
Hales Bridge, Peterborrough ()
Hamil, (Possible Match(es): Hamills Point; Hammell Township; Hammelville)
Hayborough or Hotborough, ()
Heaven, (Possible Match(es): Heaven Lake (Lake) and Heaven Creek (River), both in Thunder Bay District)
Hehenbrook, (Possible Match(es): Hinchinbrooke)
Himsford, (Possible Match(es): Himsworth)
Holdien, (Possible Match(es): Hollen)
Horncliff Valley, (Possible Match(es): Thorncliffe)
Hunnitt, near Rideau, Lake Ontario ()
Ipoh or Ipof, Northumberland County (more likely to be Tp of as in township of Brighton)
Ivansen, (Possible Match(es): Ivanhoe)
Iwerton, (Possible Match(es): Milverton, Wiarton, Everton2, Tiverton)
Jackson Mills, ()
Johnston Station, Waterloo County ()
Kentucky, (Possible Match(es): Kentucky Club Island (Island), Sudbury District (4km from Allen Lake & 12km from French River))
Kincora Corners, Perth County ()
Kingsgardin, (Possible Match(es): Kincardine)
Klingbeils Lake, Muskoka District ()
Labine, (Possible Match(es): Labine Lake, 1Lavigne, Lachine Quebec)
Lachance, Prescott County ()
Lake Troulleau, ()
Laughton's Lake, Simcoe County ()
Lepede Township, Carleton County? ()
Lingthville, (Possible Matche(s): Linksville)
Lloydbrook, Toronto (Possible Matche(s): Lloydtown, Lloydbrook Lake)
Loach Hill, Lanark County ()
Louwale, (Possible Matche(s): Lovat, Lowville)
Madderville, ()
Makiva, (Possible Match(es): Makawa, Makwa, McKim Township)
Maria, Middlesex County ()
Medford, York County (Possible Match: Meaford)
Metcalfe/Metcalf, Victoria ()
Millborough, ()
Misthurat, Middlesex County ()
Moawich, (Possible Matche(s): Norwich)
Mullett's Corners, Hastings County (Possible Matche(s): Mullet Lake)
Mundfordville, (Possible Match: Mundfordville, Kentucky USA)
Naume, ()
New Kingston, ()
Ohio, ()
Osandage, Brant County (Possible Match(es): Onondaga)
Oxgrove, (Possible Match(es): Oxbow Park)
Parry Harbor, Muskoka & Parry Sound (Possible Match(es): Parry Sound Harbour)
Peebles Corners, Oxford County ()
Pierthley, ()
Pikesville, ()
Pine Hill, Waterloo County? ()
Polar Rapids, ()
Pompey, Lincoln or Welland County ()
Port Collins, ()
Port Epworth, ()
Portage du Fort, (Possible Match(es): Closest possibilities are three Portage-du-Fort's all in Quebec.)
Pottawanna, (Possible Matche(s): Pottawattomie)
Potters Settlement, Prince Edward County ()
Pottersfield, York County ()
Prenticeville, Oxford County ()
Prior, (Possible Match(es): Arnprior)
Puffball Island, ()
Quigley, Victoria County ()
Quincy, (Possible Match(es): Quilty, Quinte)
Ratzsville, Waterloo? County (Possible Match(es): Ratzburg)
Rheaume Township, Timiskaming (Possible Match(es): Rheaume Subdivision, Downling Township, Sudbury District; Rheaume Lake, Kenora District; Rheaume Lake, Algoma District)
Roebuck's Mills, Glengarry or Stormont ()
Rushock, near Medonte ()
Rutley, ()
Schecks, (Possible Match(es): Sheeks Island)
Scoharie, Prince Edward County ()
Scotch Junction, Victoria County ()
Seanborough or Shenbor, Nipissing District (Possible Match: Believe this is probably "Sheenboro, Quebec" where many Irish immigrants settled. Many of my Irish ancestors came from Shawville, Que., just downriver from Sheenboro.2)
Seynuck Valley, ()
Shakawenda, (Try Sheguindah, on Manitoulin Island1)
Shambly, (Possible Match(es): 1Chambly, Québec; 2Shanley, Grenville Co; 2Shanley Twp, Algoma)
Sheppard Town, (Possible Match(es): Sheppardton)
Skerry, (Possible Match(es): Skerryvore)
Smithfaulds, (Possible Match(es): Smiths Falls)
Speaker Township, ()
Squaws Crossing, ()
St Barbara(s), ()
St Clar, (Possible Match(es): St. Clair, Southwold Township, Elgin County; St. Clair, Barton Township, Wentworth County (part of the city of Hamilton))
St Edwards, ()
Stan Welcome, Northumberland County ()
Stockton, (Possible Match(es): Stockdale)
Strand, (Possible Match(es): Stroud)
Sylvania, (Possible Match(es): Sylvan)
Three Rivers, (Possible Match(es): Two non-Ontario possibilities: Three Rivers, Newfoundland or Trois-Rivières, Quebec. Courtesy of Roger Nixon: A Three Rivers also existed in the Georgetown area of Prince Edward Island. However, during my research, I have come to believe that a Three Rivers existed at one time in Ontario. I suspect it was in or near Prince Edward County or Northumbria. I wonder if it was a mis-spelling or other confusion of Trent River?)
Tiffin Island, ()
Tingisons Cross, Stormont County (Possible Matche(s): Tennyson in Lanark County)
Tobur, (Possible Match(es): Tabor, Torbolton, Tobermory, Taylor, Tormore)
Tonbridge, ()
Tremblant / Trimblant, (Possible Match(es): Trembley; Trenholme)
Tucker's Corners, Hastings County ()
Vicker's Corners, Grey County ()
Waddell, (Possible Match(es): Waddell in Saskatchewan)
Wakefield Island, ()
Walkham Green, ()
Warrenville, (Possible Match(es): Warren)
Wasenensville, ()
Watface, (Possible Match(es): Watford; Watsons; Watson Township)
West Henrietta, ()
Winkworth, ()
Winstock, (Possible Match(es): Winslow; Winston Park; Woodstock)
Witherford, Carleton or Lanark County ()
Woodhouse, Frontenac (Possible Matche(s): Woodhouse, Norfolk County)

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