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DeWitts, Bathurst Township Lanark County
Dexter, Yarmouth Township Elgin County
Diamond Lake, McVittie Township Timiskaming District
Dickens Township, Dickens Township Nipissing District
Dickinson Island, Stormont County
Dickinsons Landing, Osnabruck Township Stormont County
Dickson Township, Dickson Township Nipissing District
Dickson's Corners, North Oxford Township Oxford County
Dicksons Hill, Markham Township York County
Dieppe Township, Dieppe Township Sudbury District
Digby Township, Digby Township Victoria County
Dilco, Pickering Township Ontario County
Dilke Township, Dilke Township Rainy River District
Dill, Dill Township Sudbury District
Dill Siding, Dill Township Sudbury District
Dill Township, Dill Township Sudbury District
Dillon, Carling Township Parry Sound District
Dillondale, Pittsburgh Township Frontenac County
Diltz, Moulton Township Haldimand County
Dingle, Grey Township Huron County
Dingwal, Cochrane District
Dinorwic, Southworth Township Kenora District
Dishnish, Legge Township Algoma District
Distress Rapids,
Distress River, Chapman Township Parry Sound District
Diver, La Salle Township Nipissing District
Dixie, Toronto Township Peel County
Dixon, South Dundas Township Dundas County
Dixon, Osnabruck Township Stormont County
Dixon Landing,
Dixon's Corners, Oxford County
Dixon's Corners, Rear of Yonge and Escott Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Dixon's Corners, Essa Township Simcoe County
Dixons Corners, Matilda Township Dundas County
Dobbinton, Elderslie Township Bruce County
Dobie, Gauthier Township Timiskaming District
Dobie Township, Dobie Township Rainy River District
Dochart, McNab Township Renfrew County
Docker Township, Docker Township Kenora District
Dockmure, Foley Township Parry Sound District
Doe Lake, Ryerson Township Parry Sound District
Dog Lake, Hinchinbrooke Township Frontenac County
Dog Lake, Storrington Township Frontenac County
Dog Lake, Patricia Region Kenora District
Dog Lake, Patricia Region Kenora District
Dog Lake, Effingham Township Lennox & Addington County
Dog Lake, Boulter Township Nipissing District
Dog Lake, Wilson Township Parry Sound District
Dogs Nest, Woodhouse Township Norfolk County
Doherty, Riddell Township Nipissing District
Doherty Township, Doherty Township Algoma District
Dokis, Latchford Township Nipissing District
Dokis First Nation, Parry Sound District
Dokis Township, Dokis Township Cochrane District
Dollar, Markham Township York County
Dollartown, Tay Township Simcoe County
Dolson Township, Dolson Township Algoma District
Dome Township, Dome Township Kenora District
Dominionville, Kenyon Township Glengarry County
Domville, Augusta Township Grenville County
Don, York County
Don Mills, North York Township York County
Don River, York County
Donald, Dysart Township Haliburton County
Donaldson, Palmerston Township Frontenac County
Doncaster, East York Township York County
Donegal, Elma Township Perth County
Donegal, Grattan Township Renfrew County
Dongola, Somerville Township Victoria County
Donnybrook, East Wawanosh Township Huron County
Donovan Township, Donovan Township Timiskaming District
Donut Island, York County
Donwood, Douro Township & Otonabee Township Peterborough County
Doon, Waterloo Township Waterloo County
Doon Township, Doon Township Timiskaming District
Doran, Lanark County
Dorchester, North Dorchester Township Middlesex County
Dorchester Township, Dorchester Township Middlesex County
Dore Bay, Wilberforce Township Renfrew County
Dore Township, Dore Township Sudbury District
Dorion, Dorion Township Thunder Bay District
Dorion Landing, Dorion Township Thunder Bay District
Dorion Township, Dorion Township Thunder Bay District
Dorking, Peel Township Wellington County
Dorland, Adolphustown Township Lennox & Addington County
Dorland Pond, Grey County
Dornie, Kenyon Township Glengarry County
Dornoch, Glenelg Township Grey County
Dorothea Township, Dorothea Township Thunder Bay District
Dorset, Ridout Township / Sherborne Township Muskoka District / Haliburton County
Doucett Township, Doucett Township Algoma District
Douglas, Bromley Township Renfrew County
Douglas, West Garafraxa Township Wellington County
Douglas Point, Bruce Township Bruce County
Douglas Township, Douglas Township Timiskaming District
Douglastown, Willoughby Township Welland County
Douro, Douro Township Peterborough County
Douro Township, Douro Township Peterborough County
Douro-Dummer Township, Douro-Dummer Township Peterborough County
Dover Beach Park, Dover Township Kent County
Dover Centennial Park, Dover Township Kent County
Dover Centre, Dover Township Kent County
Dover Township, Dover Township Kent County
Dovercourt, York Township York County
Dowling Township, Dowling Township Sudbury District
Downard, Brower Township Cochrane District
Downer Township, Downer Township Algoma District
Downeys, Puslinch Township Wellington County
Downeyville, Emily Township Victoria County
Downie Island, Leeds & Frontenac Counties
Downie Township, Downie Township Perth County
Downsview, North York Township York County
Dowsley Township, Dowsley Township Algoma District
Doyle Township, Doyle Township Timiskaming District
Doyles, Raleigh Township Kent County
Dracon, West Garafraxa Township Wellington County
Dranoel, Cavan Township Peterborough County
Draper Township, Draper Township Muskoka District
Drayton, Peel Township Wellington County
Drayton Township, Drayton Township Kenora District
Drea Township, Drea Township Sudbury District
Drefal, Township 9 Sudbury District
Dresden, Camden Township Kent County
Dresden, Dawn Township Lambton County
Drew, Minto Township Wellington County
Drew Township, Drew Township Algoma District
Driftwood, Calder Township Cochrane District
Drinkwater Pit, Cochrane District
Drinkwater Point, Parry Sound District
Drocourt, Wallbridge Township Parry Sound District
Dromore, Egremont Township Grey County
Drope Township, Drope Township Kenora District
Druillettes Township, Druillettes Township Sudbury District
Drumbo, Blenheim Township Oxford County
Drummond, Otonabee Township Peterborough County
Drummond Centre, Drummond Township Lanark County
Drummond Township, Drummond Township Lanark County
Drummond/North Elmsley Township, Drummond/North Elmsley Township Lanark County
Drummondville, Stamford Township Welland County
Drumquin, Trafalgar Township Halton County
Drury Township, Drury Township Sudbury District
Dryden, Van Horne Township Kenora District
Dryden, Wallace Township Perth County
Dryden Township, Dryden Township Sudbury District
Drysdale, Stanley Township Huron County
Duart, Orford Township Kent County
Duart Station, Orford Township Kent County
Dublin, Hibbert Township Perth County
Dublin, North York Township York County
Dublin Township, Dublin Township Sudbury District
Dubreuil, Matawatchan Township Renfrew County
Dubreuilville, Township 49 Algoma District
Dubreuilville Township, Dubreuilville Township Algoma District
Dubuque, Dover Township Kent County
Duchesnay, Widdifield Township Nipissing District
Duck Lake First Nation, Gallagher Township Sudbury District
Duckworth Township, Duckworth Township Thunder Bay District
Duclos Point, Georgina Township York County
Dudley Township, Dudley Township Haliburton County
Duff Corners, Hungerford Township Hastings County
Duff Township, Duff Township Cochrane District
Duff's Corners, Ancaster Township Wentworth County
Dufferin, Oneida Township Haldimand County
Dufferin Bridge, Spence Township Parry Sound District
Dufferin County, Ontario (Province of)
Dufferin Creek, York County
Dufferin Township, Dufferin Township Timiskaming District
Duffin's Creek, Pickering Township Ontario County
Duffins Creek, Pickering Township Ontario County
Dug Hill, North Gwillimbury Township York County
Dugwal, Cochrane District
Dukszta Township, Dukszta Township Sudbury District
Dulcemaine, Front of Leeds and Lansdowne Township Leeds County
Dulhut Township, Dulhut Township Algoma District
Dullins Creek,
Duluth Jct, McIrvine Township Rainy River District
Dumas Township, Dumas Township Algoma District
Dumblane, Arran Township Bruce County
Dumfounder Island, Leeds & Frontenac Counties
Dummer Township, Dummer Township Peterborough County
Dunbar, Williamsburgh Township Dundas County
Dunbar Township, Dunbar Township Sudbury District
Dunbarton, Pickering Township Ontario County
Dunblane, Elderslie Township Bruce County
Dunboyne, Malahide Township Elgin County
Duncan, Euphrasia Township & Collingwood Township Grey County
Duncan Township, Duncan Township Algoma District
Duncanville, Russell County
Dunchurch, Hagerman Township Parry Sound District
Duncrief, Lobo Township Middlesex County
Dundalk, Proton Township Grey County
Dundas, West Flamborough Township Wentworth County
Dundas County, Ontario (Province of)
Dundas Valley, Ancaster Township Wentworth County
Dundee Township, Dundee Township Sudbury District
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