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Alanen Township, Algoma District
Alarie Township, Algoma District
Alba, Pembroke Township Renfrew County
Alban, Bigwood Township & Delamere Township Sudbury District
Albanel Township, Albanel Township Algoma District
Albany, Cochrane District
Albany Forks, Franz Township Algoma District
Albany River, Kenora District
Albemarle Township, Albemarle Township Bruce County
Albert, Tyendinaga Township Hastings County
Albert Port, Ashfield Township Huron County
Alberton, Ancaster Township Wentworth County
Alberton Township, Alberton Township Rainy River District
Albion, Albion Township Peel County
Albion Falls, Wentworth County
Albion Hills, Albion Township Peel County
Albion Mills, Albion Township Peel County
Albion Township, Albion Township Peel County
Albuna, Gosfield North Township & Mersea Township Essex County
Albune, Kitley & Wolford Townships Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Albury, Ameliasburgh Township Prince Edward County
Alcock Hill, Grey Township Huron County
Alcona, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Alcona, Drayton Township Kenora District
Alcona Beach, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Alcona Township, Alcona Township Sudbury District
Alcorn Township, Alcorn Township Sudbury District
Aldborough, Elgin County
Aldborough Township, Aldborough Township Elgin County
Alden, 28-XXV Algoma District
Alder, East Gwillimbury Township York County
Alderdale, Chisholm Township Nipissing District
Aldershot, East Flamborough Township Halton County
Alderslea, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Alderson Township, Alderson Township Algoma District
Alderville, Alnwick Township Northumberland County
Alderville First Nation, Alnwick Township Northumberland County
Alderville Indian Reserve, Alnwick Township Northumberland County
Alderville Indian Reserve #37, Alnwick Township Northumberland County
Aldina Township, Aldina Township Thunder Bay District
Aldreds Beach, Scugog Township Ontario County
Alert, Taylor Township Cochrane District
Alexander Mackenzie Park, Sarnia Township Lambton County
Alexandra, Cochrane District
Alexandra Township, Alexandra Township Cochrane District
Alexandria, Lochiel Township Glengarry County
Alexo, Cochrane District
Alford Junction, Brantford Township Brant County
Alfred, Alfred Township Prescott and Russell United Counties
Alfred & Plantagenet Township, Alfred & Plantagenet Township Prescott and Russell United Counties
Alfred Centre, Alfred Township Prescott County
Alfred Centre Station, Alfred Township Prescott County
Alfred Station, Alfred Township Prescott County
Alfred Township, Alfred Township Prescott and Russell United Counties
Algo, Sudbury District
Algoma, Long Township Algoma District
Algoma Centre, Algoma District
Algoma District, Ontario (Province of)
Algoma East, Algoma District
Algoma Mills, Long Township Algoma District
Algoma West, Algoma District
Algonquin, Augusta Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Algonquin Highlands Township, Algonquin Highlands Township Haliburton County
Algonquin Island, York County
Algonquin Park, Canisbay Township Nipissing District
Algonquin Park, Canisbay Township Nipissing District
Algonquin Provincial Park, Nipissing District
Alguire Corners, Rear of Yonge and Escott Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Alice, Alice Township Renfrew County
Alice & Fraser Township, Alice & Fraser Township Renfrew County
Alice Township, Alice Township Renfrew County
Alimil, Tecumseth Township Simcoe County
Allan, Madoc Township Hastings County
Allan Mills, North Burgess Township Lanark County
Allan Mills, Seymour Township Northumberland County
Allan Park, Bentinck Township Grey County
Allan Township, Allan Township Manitoulin District
Allan Water, McLaurin Township Thunder Bay District
Allanburg, Thorold Township Welland County
Allandale, Vespra Township Simcoe County
Allandale, Otonabee Township Peterborough County
Allans Corners, Wilberforce Township Renfrew County
Allard Lake, Thunder Bay District
Allbright Lake, Thunder Bay District
Allely Lake, Thunder Bay District
Allen Creek, Mountain Township Dundas County
Allen Creek, Harcourt Township Haliburton County
Allen Island, Parry Sound District
Allen Lake, 28-XXV Township Algoma District
Allen Lake, Dudley & Harcourt Township Haliburton County
Allen Lake, Faraday Township Hastings County
Allen Lake, Allen Township Sudbury District
Allen Lake, Cunningham Township Sudbury District
Allen Lakes, Ridout Township Muskoka District
Allen Rapids, Nipissing District
Allen Rapids Portage, Biggar Township Nipissing District
Allen Rocks, Muskoka District
Allen Township, Allen Township Sudbury District
Allenby Creek, Concobar Township Algoma District
Allenby Lake, Lisgar & Buchan Townships Cochrane & Algoma Districts
Allenby Township, Allenby Township Algoma District
Allendale, Otonabee Township Peterborough County
Allenford, Amabel Township & Arran Township Bruce County
Allens Corners, South Grimsby Township Lincoln County
Allens Creek, Greenock Township Bruce County
Allens Lakes, Mono Township Dufferin County
Allens Point, Adolphustown Township Lennox & Addington County
Allensville, Muskoka District
Allenwood, Flos Township Simcoe County
Allenwood Beach, Flos Township Simcoe County
Alleyly Creek, Thunder Bay District
Alliance, Ekfrid Township Middlesex County
Alligator Creek, Marter Township Timiskaming District
Alligator Lake, Invergarry Township Sudbury District
Allimil, Tecumseth Township Simcoe County
Allin Lake, Pelican Township Kenora District
Allin Lake, Asquith Township Sudbury District
Allingham Creek, Oro Township Simcoe County
Allison, Barton Township Wentworth County
Allison Drain, Williamsburgh Township Dundas County
Allison Island, Nipissing District
Allison Lake, Patricia Region Kenora District
Allisonville, Hillier Township Prince Edward County
Alliston, Tecumseth Township Simcoe County
Alloa, Chinguacousy Township Peel County
Allouez Island, Thunder Bay District
Allouez Township, Allouez Township Algoma District
Allsaw, Minden Township Haliburton County
Allumette Lake, Renfrew County
Alluring Creek, Niven Township Nipissing District
Alluring Lake, Niven Township Nipissing District
Alm Lake, 22-XVII Township Sudbury District
Alma, Peel Township Wellington County
Alma, Pilkington Township Wellington County
Alma Creek, Patton & Gladstone Township Algoma District
Alma Lake, Patton Township Algoma District
Alma Lake, Demorest & Clary Township Sudbury District
Alma Lake, Thunder Bay District
Alma Lake, James Township Timiskaming District
Alma Lake, Alma Township Timiskaming District
Alma Township, Alma Township Timiskaming District
Almaguin Highlands, Muskoka, Parry Sound & Nipissing Districts
Almas Bay, Thunder Bay District
Almeda Point, Watt Township Muskoka District
Almira, Markham Township York County
Almo Creek, Patton & Gladstone Township Algoma District
Almo Lake, Patricia Region Kenora District
Almon Island, Algoma District
Almon Lake, Thunder Bay District
Almonte, Ramsay Township Lanark County
Almonte Rapids, Lanark County
Almos Shoal, Thunder Bay District
Alnwick, Alnwick Township Northumberland County
Alnwick Township, Alnwick Township Northumberland County
Alnwick-Haldimand Township, Alnwick-Haldimand Township Northumberland County
Aloft Lake, Township 49 Township Algoma District
Alona Bay, Algoma District
Alonghill Lake, Rainy River District
Alph Creek, Alpha Township Thunder Bay District
Alph Lake, Alpha Township Thunder Bay District
Alpha Lake, 29-XIV Township Algoma District
Alpha Lake, 23-XIX,XX Township Sudbury District
Alpha Lake, Thunder Bay District
Alpha Township, Alpha Township Thunder Bay District
Alphretta Lake, Telfer & Stobies Township Sudbury District
Alpine Lake, 31-XXI Township Algoma District
Alpine Lake, Newmarket & St. John Township Cochrane District
Alport, Muskoka District
Alport Lake, Muskoka Township Muskoka District
Alsace, Nipissing Township Parry Sound District
Alsever Lake, Clancy Township Nipissing District
Alsfeldt, Normanby Township Grey County
Alsh Lock, Challenger & Glasgow Township Algoma District
Alsops Beach, Thorah Township Ontario County
Alston Lake, Kenora District
Alston Lake, Township 13H Sudbury District
Alta Township, Alta Township Home District
Alta Vista, Gloucester Township Carleton County
Altair Island, Parry Sound District
Altar Lake, Thunder Bay District
Althorpe, South Sherbrooke Township Lanark County
Altimeter Creek, Patricia Region Kenora District
Altimeter Lake, Patricia Region Kenora District
Altitude Creek, Thunder Bay District
Altitude Lake, Thunder Bay District
Alto Lake, Township 138 & Township 144 Algoma District
Alton, Nelson Township Halton County
Alton, Caledon Township Peel County
Alton, Lake Township Sudbury District
Alton Township, Alton Township Sudbury District
Altona, Pickering Township Ontario County
Alva, 24-XXII Township Algoma District
Alva Lake, 24-XIII Township Algoma District
Alvanley, Derby Township Grey County
Alves Point, Carling Township Parry Sound District
Alvinholme Island, Parry Sound District
Alvinston, Brooke Township Lambton County
Alwyn Lake, Thunder Bay District

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