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B Township, B Township Algoma District
Babenoch, Puslinch Township Wellington County
Baby Island, Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Baby Point, York Township York County
Baby Trout Island, Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Babys Point, Sombra Township Lambton County
Bacchus Island, Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Bachand Island, Thunder Bay District
Bacon Island, Algoma District
Baddeley Island, Simcoe County
Baddow, Somerville Township Victoria County
Baden, Wilmot Township Waterloo County
Baden Township, Baden Township Timiskaming District
Badenoch, Puslinch Township Wellington County
Bader Township, Bader Township Sudbury District
Badgerow Township, Badgerow Township Nipissing District
Badjeros, Osprey Township Grey County
Bagnall, Dover Township Kent County
Bagot, Bagot Township Renfrew County
Bagot & Blythfield Township, Bagot & Blythfield Township Renfrew County
Bagot Township, Bagot Township Renfrew County
Baie Du Dore, Bruce Township Bruce County
Bailey's Corners, Armstrong Township & Beauchamp Township Timiskaming District
Bailieboro, Cavan Township Peterborough County
Bailloquet Township, Bailloquet Township Algoma District
Bain Township, Bain Township Thunder Bay District
Bainsville, Lancaster Township Glengarry County
Baird, Oliver Township Thunder Bay District
Baird Township, Baird Township Kenora District
Bairds, Southwold Township Elgin County
Baker Group, Parry Sound District
Baker Township, Baker Township Rainy River District
Baker's Corners, Osgoode Township Carleton County
Bala, Wood Township & Medora Township Muskoka District
Balaclava, Sydenham Township Grey County
Balaclava, Grattan Township Renfrew County
Bald Head Beach, Hillier Township Prince Edward County
Balderson, Bathurst Township and Drummond Township Lanark County
Baldoon, Dover Township Kent County
Baldwin, Georgina Township York County
Baldwin Township, Baldwin Township Sudbury District
Baldwins Bridge, Mountain Township Dundas County
Balentra, Sheffield Township Lennox & Addington County
Balfour, South Marysburgh Township Prince Edward County
Balfour Beach, North Gwillimbury Township York County
Balfour Township, Balfour Township Sudbury District
Balkam, Bonis Township Cochrane District
Ball Township, Ball Township Kenora District
Ball's Mill, Hamilton Township Northumberland County
Ballantrae, Whitchurch Township York County
Ballantyne Crossing, Pittsburgh Township Frontenac County
Ballantyne Township, Ballantyne Township Nipissing District
Ballantyne's Station, Pittsburgh Township Frontenac County
Ballaviellen, Charlottenburgh Township Glengarry County
Ballentyne Crossing, Pittsburgh Township Frontenac County
Ballinafad, Erin Township Wellington County
Ballinvilla, Nepean Township Carleton County
Ballycanoe, Front of Yonge Township Leeds County
Ballycroy, Adjala Township Simcoe County
Ballydown Beach, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Ballyduff, Manvers Township Durham County
Ballygrant, Nottawasaga Township Simcoe County
Ballyhack, Sheffield Township Lennox & Addington County
Ballymote, London Township Middlesex County
Ballynahinch, Kingston Township Frontenac County
Balm Beach, Tiny Township Simcoe County
Balmer Township, Balmer Township Kenora District
Balmer's Island, McNab Township Renfrew County
Balmertown, Balmer Township Patricia Region, Kenora District
Balmoral, Walpole Township Haldimand County
Balmoral Park, Kingston Township Frontenac County
Balmy Beach, Sarawak Township Grey County
Balmy Beach, York Township York County
Balsam, Pickering Township Ontario County
Balsam Creek, Phelps Township Nipissing District
Balsam Hill, Admaston Township Renfrew County
Balsam Lake, Bexley & Fenelon Townships Victoria County
Baltic Township, Baltic Township Sudbury District
Baltics, Kenyon Township Glengarry County
Baltimore, Hamilton Township Northumberland County
Balvenie, Griffith Township Renfrew County
Bamberg, Wellesley Township Waterloo County
Bamford, Cramahe Township Northumberland County
Banbury, McMurrich Township Parry Sound District
Bancroft, Faraday Township Hastings County
Banda, Nottawasaga Township Simcoe County
Bangor Township, Bangor Township Hastings County
Bangor, Wicklow & McClure Township, Bangor, Wicklow & McClure Township Hastings County
Bankfield, Lindsley Township Thunder Bay District
Banks, Collingwood Township Grey County
Banks Township, Banks Township Timiskaming District
Banner, North Oxford Township Oxford County
Bannerman Township, Bannerman Township Cochrane District
Bannermount, Gloucester Township Carleton County
Banning, Rainy River District
Bannister Lake Complex, North Dumfries Township Waterloo County
Bannockburn, Madoc Township Hastings County
Bannockburn Township, Bannockburn Township Timiskaming District
Bannockburn Wildlife Area, Stanley Township Huron County
Banting Township, Banting Township Nipissing District
Baptiste, Herschel Township Hastings County
Bar Point, Malden Township Essex County
Bar River, Laird Township Algoma District
Barager Township, Barager Township Algoma District
Barb, East Hawkesbury Township Prescott County
Barbadoes, North Elmsley Township Lanark County
Barbara Township, Barbara Township Thunder Bay District
Barber Township, Barber Township Timiskaming District
Barbers Beach, Puslinch Township Wellington County
Barbertown, Toronto Township Peel County
Barclay, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Barclay, Zealand Township Kenora District
Barclay Tank,
Barclay Township, Barclay Township Kenora District
Barcoven Beach, Murray Township Northumberland County
Bardolph, Adolphustown Township Lennox & Addington County
Barehead, Manitouwadge Improvement District Thunder Bay District
Barhead, Glenelg Township Grey County
Barillia Park, Oro Township Simcoe County
Bark Lake, Jones Township Renfrew County
Barker Township, Barker Township Cochrane District
Barkway, Ryde Township Muskoka District
Barlochan, Wood Township Muskoka District
Barlow Township, Barlow Township Cochrane District
Barnes Township, Barnes Township Algoma District
Barnesdale, Humphrey Township Parry Sound District
Barnet Township, Barnet Township Cochrane District
Barnhart, Carpenter Township Rainy River District
Barnstown, Barton Township Wentworth County
Barr Haven, Nepean Township Carleton County
Barr Township, Barr Township Timiskaming District
Barr's Settlement, Bromley Township Renfrew County
Barrett, Camden East Township Lennox & Addington County
Barrett Chute, Blithfield Township Renfrew County
Barrett Township, Barrett Township Kenora District
Barretville, Colchester North Township Essex County
Barrie, Vespra Township Simcoe County
Barrie Island, Barrie Island Township Manitoulin District
Barrie Island Township, Barrie Island Township Manitoulin District
Barrie Township, Barrie Township Frontenac County
Barriefield, Pittsburgh Township Frontenac County
Barrillia Park, Oro Township Simcoe County
Barron Township, Barron Township Nipissing District
Barrow Bay, Eastnor Township Bruce County
Barry Point, Amherst Island Township Lennox & Addington County
Barry's Bay, Sherwood Township Renfrew County
Barryfield, Kingston Township Frontenac County
Barrymere, Bangor Township Hastings County
Barryvale, Bagot Township Renfrew County
Bartle Lake, Timiskaming District
Bartlett Township, Bartlett Township Timiskaming District
Barton Township, Barton Township Wentworth County
Barton's Corners, Gloucester Township Carleton County
Bartonville, Barton Township Wentworth County
Barwick, Barwick Township Rainy River District
Barwick Township, Barwick Township Rainy River District
Basin Depot, Guthrie Township Nipissing District
Basin Mines, Street Township Sudbury District
Basingstoke, South Grimsby Township Lincoln County
Bass Creek, Bidwell Township Manitoulin District
Bass Group, Parry Sound District
Bass Lake, Oro & Orillia Townships Simcoe County
Bass Lake, Rolph Township Renfrew County
Bass Lake Park, Orillia Township Simcoe County
Bassett Island, Walpole Island Township Kent County
Bastard, Bastard Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Bastard & South Burgess Township, Bastard & South Burgess Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Bastard Township, Bastard Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Bastedo Township, Bastedo Township Nipissing District
Batawa, Sidney Township Hastings County
Batchawana, Fisher Township Algoma District
Batchawana, 26-XIV Algoma District
Batchawana Bay, Fisher Township Algoma District
Bateman Township, Patricia Region Kenora District
Bates Corners, Winchester Township Dundas County
Bates Mills, Rear of Yonge and Escott Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Bath, Ernestown Township Lennox & Addington County
Bath Road, Kingston Township Frontenac County
Bathurst, Bathurst Township Lanark County
Bathurst Burgess Sherbrooke Township, Bathurst Burgess Sherbrooke Township Lanark County
Bathurst District,
Bathurst Island, Leeds & Frontenac Counties
Bathurst Township, Bathurst Township Lanark County
Batteaux, Nottawasaga Township Simcoe County
Battersby Township, Battersby Township Sudbury District
Battersea, Storrington Township Frontenac County
Bawating, Algoma District
Bawk, Goulet Township Thunder Bay District
Baxter, Essa Township Simcoe County
Baxter Township, Baxter Township Muskoka District
Bay Beach, Bertie Township Welland County
Bay Beach Park, Bertie Township Welland County
Bay Centre, North Fredericksburgh Township Lennox & Addington County
Bay of Quinte, Ontario (Province of)
Bayfield, Stanley Township and Goderich Township Huron County
Bayfield, Harrison Township Parry Sound District
Bayfield River, Goderich & Stanley Townships Huron County
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