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Chabanel Township, Chabanel Township Algoma District
Chaffey Township, Chaffey Township Muskoka District
Chaffeys Locks, South Crosby Township Leeds County
Chalet Township, Chalet Township Sudbury District
Chalk River, Buchanan Township Renfrew County
Challener Township, Challener Township Algoma District
Challies Township, Challies Township Cochrane District
Chamberlain, Chamberlain Township Timiskaming District
Chamberlain Township, Chamberlain Township Timiskaming District
Chamberlain's Corner, Kitley Township Leeds County
Chambers, North Fredericksburgh Township Lennox & Addington County
Chambers Corners, Wainfleet Township Welland County
Chambers Township, Chambers Township Nipissing District
Champagne Township, Champagne Township Sudbury District
Champlain Park, West Ferris Township Nipissing District
Champlain Point, Mara Township Simcoe County
Champlain Township, Champlain Township Algoma District
Champlain Township, Champlain Township Prescott and Russell United Counties
Chandos Lake, Chandos Township Peterborough County
Chandos Township, Chandos Township Peterborough County
Chantry, Bastard Township Leeds County
Chantry Island, Bruce County
Chapais Township, Chapais Township Algoma District
Chapleau, Chapleau Township Sudbury District
Chapleau First Nation, Chapleau Township Sudbury District
Chapleau Township, Chapleau Township Sudbury District
Chaplin Township, Chaplin Township Sudbury District
Chapman, Hungerford Township Hastings County
Chapman Township, Chapman Township Parry Sound District
Chapmans Landing, Nipissing Township Parry Sound District
Chappise Township, Chappise Township Sudbury District
Chapple, Tait Township Rainy River District
Chapple Township, Chapple Township Rainy River District
Chaput Hughes, Teck Township Timiskaming District
Charbonneau Township, Charbonneau Township Algoma District
Charbot Lake,
Chard, North Plantagenet Township Prescott County
Charing Cross, Raleigh Township Kent County
Charity Point, Tiny Township Simcoe County
Charlemont, Sombra Township Lambton County
Charles Daley Park, Louth Township Lincoln County
Charleston, Rear of Yonge & Escott Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Charleston, Caledon Township Peel County
Charlesville, Osnabruck Township Stormont County
Charleville, Augusta Township Grenville County
Charlottenburgh Township, Charlottenburgh Township Glengarry County
Charlotteville Township, Charlotteville Township Norfolk County
Charlton, Dack Township Timiskaming District
Charlton Station, Dack Township Timiskaming District
Charlton Township, Charlton Township Nipissing District
Charters Township, Charters Township Timiskaming District
Chartrand, Cumberland Township Russell County
Chartrand Corner, Martland Township Sudbury District
Chartrand Township, Chartrand Township Kenora District
Chase Corners, Belmont Township Peterborough County
Chatham, Harwich Township Kent County
Chatham Township, Chatham Township Kent County
Chatham-Kent, Kent County
Chatsworth, Holland Township Grey County
Chatsworth Township, Grey County
Chatterton, Sidney Township Hastings County
Chaudiere Falls, Ontario (Province of)
Cheapside, Walpole Township Haldimand County
Cheddar, Cardiff Township Haliburton County
Cheeseborough, Front of Leeds & Lansdowne Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Chekipag, Wood Township Muskoka District
Chelmsford, Balfour Township Sudbury District
Chelsea Township, Chelsea Township Algoma District
Cheltenham, Chinguacousy Township Peel County
Cheminis, McGarry Township Timiskaming District
Chemong Heights, Smith Township Peterborough County
Chemong Park, Smith Township Peterborough County
Chenail Ecarte, Essex County
Chenard Township, Chenard Township Algoma District
Chenaux, Ross Township Renfrew County
Cheney, Clarence Township Prescott and Russell United Counties
Cheney Station, Clarence Township Russell County
Chepstow, Greenock Township Bruce County
Cherriman Township, Cherriman Township Sudbury District
Cherry, Whitchurch Township York County
Cherry Grove, West Nissouri Township Middlesex County
Cherry Lane Estates, Mersea Township Essex County
Cherry Valley, Athol Township Prince Edward County
Cherrywood, Pickering Township Ontario County
Chesley, Elderslie Township Bruce County
Chesley Township, Chesley Township Algoma District
Chesley, Add'l Township, Chesley, Add'l Township Algoma District
Chester, York Township York County
Chester Township, Chester Township Sudbury District
Chester's Corners, Dymond Township Timiskaming District
Chesterfield, Blandford Township Oxford County
Chesterville, Winchester Township Dundas County
Chetwynd, Armour Township Parry Sound District
Chevrier, East Hawkesbury Township Prescott County
Chevrier Township, Chevrier Township Thunder Bay District
Chewett Township, Chewett Township Sudbury District
Chicopee Hills, Waterloo Township Waterloo County
Chief's Point First Nation, Bruce County
Chiefs Island, Orillia Township Simcoe County
Chikopi, Croft Township Parry Sound District
Childerhose Township, Childerhose Township Timiskaming District
Childs Mines, Mayo Township Hastings County
Chinguacousy Township, Chinguacousy Township Peel County
Chiniguchi Lake, McConnell Township & Telfer Township Sudbury District
Chiniguchi River, Janes Township Sudbury District
Chipican, Lake, Sarnia Township Lambton County
Chipman Township, Chipman Township Cochrane District
Chippawa, Willoughby & Stamford Townships Welland County
Chippawa Creek, Gainsborough Township Lincoln County
Chippawa Hill, Amabel Township Bruce County
Chippewa, Willoughby & Stamford Townships Welland County
Chippewa, Camden Township Lennox & Addington County
Chippewa Island First Nation, Parry Sound District
Chippewa Island First Nation, Orillia, Rama & Mara Townships Simcoe County
Chippewa River, Willoughby & Stamford Townships Welland County
Chiselhurst, Hibbert Township Perth County
Chisholm, Hallowell Township Prince Edward County
Chisholm Township, Chisholm Township Nipissing District
Chisholm's Mills, Tyendinaga Township Hastings County
Chiswick, Chisholm Township Nipissing District
Cholette Township, Cholette Township Algoma District
Chown Township, Chown Township Timiskaming District
Christi Island, Tiny Township Simcoe County
Christian Island First Nation, Simcoe County
Christian Valley, Nipissing Township Parry Sound District
Christie, Nassagaweya Township Halton County
Christie Beach, St Vincent Township Grey County
Christie Lake, Bedford Township Frontenac County
Christie Lake, Bathurst Township Lanark County
Christie Township, Christie Township Parry Sound District
Christies Corners, Beverly Township Wentworth County
Christina, Caradoc Township Middlesex County
Chrysler Point, Clarke Township Durham County
Chub Point, Haldimand Township Northumberland County
Chudleigh, Janes Township Sudbury District
Church Township, Church Township Thunder Bay District
Churchhill Lake, Kenora District
Churchill, Esquesing Township Halton County
Churchill, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Churchill, Erin Township Wellington County
Churchill Heights, Cornwall Township Stormont County
Churchill Township, Churchill Township Sudbury District
Churchville, Aldborough Township Elgin County
Churchville, Toronto Township Peel County
Chûte-à-Blondeau, East Hawkesbury Township Prescott and Russell United Counties

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