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Dablon Township, Dablon Township Algoma District
Dack Township, Dack Township Timiskaming District
Dacre, Grattan Township Renfrew County
Dagle Township, Dagle Township Algoma District
Dagmar, Whitby Township Ontario County
Dahl Township, Dahl Township Algoma District
Dahlia, Master Township Nipissing District
Dain City, Crowland Township Welland County
Dainsville, Humberstone Township Welland County
Dakota, Nelson Township Halton County
Dale, Hope Township Northumberland County
Dale Township, Dale Township Sudbury District
Dale Wood, Yarmouth Township Elgin County
Daley Township, Daley Township Thunder Bay District
Dalhousie District,
Dalhousie Lake, Dalhousie Township Lanark County
Dalhousie Mills, Lancaster Township Glengarry County
Dalhousie Township, Dalhousie Township Lanark County
Dalkeith, Lochiel Township Glengarry County
Dalles First Nation, Kenora District
Dalmas Township, Dalmas Township Sudbury District
Dalrymple, Carden Township Victoria County
Dalston, Vespra Township Simcoe County
Dalton, Township 43 Algoma District
Dalton Mills, Township 43 Algoma District
Dalton Township, Dalton Township Victoria County
Daly Point, Tiny Township Simcoe County
Damascus, West Luther Township Wellington County
Dambrossio Township, Dambrossio Township Algoma District
Dana, Irving Township Algoma District
Dana Township, Dana Township Nipissing District
Dance, Dance Township Rainy River District
Dance Township, Dance Township Rainy River District
Dane, Otto Township Timiskaming District
Dane Township, Dane Township Timiskaming District
Danford Township, Danford Township Thunder Bay District
Danforth, Scarborough Township York County
Daniel Township, Daniel Township Kenora District
Daoust Township, Daoust Township Sudbury District
Darbyville, Nassagaweya Township Halton County
Darcyville, South Burgess Township Lanark County
Dargavel Township, Dargavel Township Cochrane District
Darling Road, Canborough Township Haldimand County
Darling Township, Darling Township Lanark County
Darlingside, Front of Leeds and Lansdowne Township & Front of Escott Township Leeds County
Darlington, Darlington Township Durham County
Darlington Mills, Darlington Township Durham County
Darlington Township, Darlington Township Durham County
Darrell, Chatham Township Kent County
Dartford, Percy Township Northumberland County
Dashwood, Stephen Township & Hay Township Huron County
Daumont Township, Daumont Township Algoma District
Daventry, Boyd Township Nipissing District
Davidson Township, Davidson Township Timiskaming District
Davidson's Corners, Hope Township Durham County
Davidsons Beach, Storrington Township Frontenac County
Davidtown, East Gwillimbury Township York County
Davieaux Township, Davieaux Township Algoma District
Davies Township, Davies Township Thunder Bay District
Davin Township, Davin Township Algoma District
Davis Corners, Oso Township Frontenac County
Davis Lake, South Crosby Township Leeds County
Davis Mills, Alice Township Renfrew County
Davis Township, Davis Township Sudbury District
Davisville, East York Township York County
Dawn, Bothwell County
Dawn, Pelham Township Welland County
Dawn Centre, Dawn Township Lambton County
Dawn Mills, Camden Township Kent County
Dawn Mills, Dawn Township Lambton County
Dawn Township, Dawn Township Lambton County
Dawn Valley, Dawn Township Lambton County
Dawn-Euphemia Township, Dawn-Euphemia Township Lambton County
Dawson Point, Harris Township Timiskaming District
Dawson Township, Dawson Township Manitoulin District
Dawson Township, Dawson Township Rainy River District
Dawson's Bridge, North Dumfries Township Waterloo County
Day Township, Day Township Algoma District
Dayton, Bright Additional Township Algoma District
Daytonia Beach, Fenelon Township Victoria County
Daytown, Bastard Township Leeds County

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