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Place, Historic Location

Duart, Orford Township Kent County
Duart Station, Orford Township Kent County
Dublin, Hibbert Township Perth County
Dublin, North York Township York County
Dublin Township, Dublin Township Sudbury District
Dubreuil, Matawatchan Township Renfrew County
Dubreuilville, Township 49 Algoma District
Dubreuilville Township, Dubreuilville Township Algoma District
Dubuque, Dover Township Kent County
Duchesnay, Widdifield Township Nipissing District
Duck Lake First Nation, Gallagher Township Sudbury District
Duckworth Township, Duckworth Township Thunder Bay District
Duclos Point, Georgina Township York County
Dudley Township, Dudley Township Haliburton County
Duff Corners, Hungerford Township Hastings County
Duff Township, Duff Township Cochrane District
Duff's Corners, Ancaster Township Wentworth County
Dufferin, Oneida Township Haldimand County
Dufferin Bridge, Spence Township Parry Sound District
Dufferin County, Ontario (Province of)
Dufferin Creek, York County
Dufferin Township, Dufferin Township Timiskaming District
Duffin's Creek, Pickering Township Ontario County
Duffins Creek, Pickering Township Ontario County
Dug Hill, North Gwillimbury Township York County
Dugwal, Cochrane District
Dukszta Township, Dukszta Township Sudbury District
Dulcemaine, Front of Leeds and Lansdowne Township Leeds County
Dulhut Township, Dulhut Township Algoma District
Dullins Creek,
Duluth Jct, McIrvine Township Rainy River District
Dumas Township, Dumas Township Algoma District
Dumblane, Arran Township Bruce County
Dumfounder Island, Leeds & Frontenac Counties
Dummer Township, Dummer Township Peterborough County
Dunbar, Williamsburgh Township Dundas County
Dunbar Township, Dunbar Township Sudbury District
Dunbarton, Pickering Township Ontario County
Dunblane, Elderslie Township Bruce County
Dunboyne, Malahide Township Elgin County
Duncan, Euphrasia Township & Collingwood Township Grey County
Duncan Township, Duncan Township Algoma District
Duncanville, Russell County
Dunchurch, Hagerman Township Parry Sound District
Duncrief, Lobo Township Middlesex County
Dundalk, Proton Township Grey County
Dundas, West Flamborough Township Wentworth County
Dundas County, Ontario (Province of)
Dundas Valley, Ancaster Township Wentworth County
Dundee Township, Dundee Township Sudbury District
Dundela, Matilda Township Dundas County
Dundonald, Cramahe Township Northumberland County
Dundonald Township, Dundonald Township Cochrane District
Dundurn, Townsend Township Norfolk County
Dunedin, Nottawasaga Township Simcoe County
Dunedin, Orford Township Kent County
Dunfred, South Dumfries Township Brant County
Dungannon, West Wawanosh Township Huron County
Dungannon Township, Dungannon Township Hastings County
Dunkeld, Brant Township Bruce County
Dunkerron, West Gwillimbury Township Simcoe County
Dunlop, Colborne Township Huron County
Dunlop Township, Dunlop Township Sudbury District
Dunmore, Bromley Township Renfrew County
Dunmore Township, Dunmore Township Timiskaming District
Dunn Township, Dunn Township Haldimand County
Dunn's Corners, North Oxford Township Oxford County
Dunnet, Dunnet Township Sudbury District
Dunnet Township, Dunnet Township Sudbury District
Dunnette Landing, Alnwick Township Northumberland County
Dunning, Brower Township Cochrane District
Dunns Valley, Galbraith Township Algoma District
Dunnville, Moulton Township Haldimand County
Dunphy Township, Dunphy Township Algoma District
Dunrankin, Stefansson Township & Kirkwall Township Algoma District
Dunrobin, Torbolton Township Carleton County
Dunrobin Shore, Torbolton & March Townships Carleton County
Dunsford, Verulam Township Victoria County
Dunsmore Township, Dunsmore Township Cochrane District
Dunstable, probably York
Dunton Pond, Grey County
Duntroon, Nottawasaga Township Simcoe County
Dunvegan, Kenyon Township Glengarry County
Dunwich Township, Dunwich Township Elgin County
Dupuis Township, Dupuis Township Sudbury District
Durage, Middlesex County
Durban Township, Durban Township Sudbury District
Durham, Bentinck Township & Glenelg Township Grey County
Durham County, Ontario (Province of)
Durham East, Durham County
Durham Region, Durham County & Ontario County
Durham West, Durham County
Dustic, Eramosa Township Wellington County
Dutch Creek,
Dutch Line, Snowdon Township Haliburton County
Duthill, Sombra Township Lambton County
Dutton, Dunwich Township Elgin County
Dutton-Dunwich Township, Dutton-Dunwich Township Elgin County
Duttona Beach, Dunwich Township Elgin County

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