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Fraleck Township, Fraleck Township Sudbury District
Fraleigh Township, Fraleigh Township Thunder Bay District
Fralicks Beach, Scugog Township Ontario County
Frances Township, Frances Township Algoma District
Franchere Township, Franchere Township Algoma District
Francistown, Hay Township, Usborne Township & Stephen Township Huron County
Franconia, Dunnville Township Haldimand County
Frankford, Sidney Township Hastings County
Franklin, Manvers Township Victoria County
Franklin Beach, North Gwillimbury Township York County
Franklin Island, Bruce County
Franklin Island, Muskoka District
Franklin Island, Parry Sound District
Franklin Park, Carling Township Parry Sound District
Franklin Township, Franklin Township Muskoka District
Franklins Corners, South Plantagenet Township Prescott County
Franktown, Beckwith Township Lanark County
Frankville, Kitley Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Franz, Pearkes Township Algoma District
Franz Township, Franz Township Algoma District
Fraser, Willoughby Township Welland County
Fraser, Mulloy Township Cochrane District
Fraser Township, Fraser Township Renfrew County
Fraserburg, Monck & Macaulay Townships Muskoka District
Fraserdale, Pinard Township Cochrane District
Fraserville, South Monaghan Township Northumberland County
Frater, 28-XVI Algoma District
Frater Township, Frater Township Sudbury District
Fraxa, Amaranth Township Dufferin County
Frechette Township, Frechette Township Sudbury District
Frecheville Township, Frecheville Township Cochrane District
Frederick, Clute Township Cochrane District
Frederickhouse, Clute Township Cochrane District
Fredericksburgh, Windham & Middleton Townships Norfolk County
Fredericksburgh Township, Fredericksburgh Township Lennox & Addington County
Fredericksbury, North Fredericksburgh Township Lennox & Addington County
Freeborn Township, Freeborn Township Rainy River District
Freeland, Bastard Township Leeds County
Freele Township, Freele Township Cochrane District
Freelton, East Flamborough Township Wentworth County
Freeman, Nelson Township Halton County
Freeman, Gillies Limit Township Timiskaming District
Freeman Corners, Belmont Township Peterborough County
Freeman Township, Freeman Township Muskoka District
Freeport, Waterloo Township Waterloo County
Fremo Corners, Admaston Township Renfrew County
French Line, Darling Township Lanark County
French River, Parry Sound District
French River, Bigwood Township Sudbury District
French River First Nation, Parry Sound District
French Settlement, Stafford Township Renfrew County
French Township, French Township Nipissing District
Frenchman's Bay, Pickering Township Ontario County
Freswick Township, Freswick Township Nipissing District
Frey Township, Frey Township Sudbury District
Fridays, Joan Township Nipissing District
Friendly Corners, West Nissouri Township Middlesex County
Fripp Township, Fripp Township Timiskaming District
Froatburn, Williamsburgh Township Dundas County
Frog Point, Moore Township Lambton County
Froggetts Corners, Bayham Township Elgin County
Frogmore, Houghton Township Norfolk County
Frome, Southwold Township Elgin County
Front of Leeds & Lansdowne Township, Front of Leeds & Lansdowne Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Front of Yonge Township, Front of Yonge Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Frontenac County, Ontario (Province of)
Froomfield, Moore Township Lambton County
Frost Township, Frost Township Algoma District
Fruitland, Saltfleet Township Wentworth County
Fryatt, Devitt Township Cochrane District
Fryatt Township, Fryatt Township Cochrane District

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