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Gaby Township, Gaby Township Cochrane District
Gads Hill, North Easthope Township Perth County
Gads Hill Station, Ellice Township Perth County
Gagnon, Cambridge Township Russell County
Gahale (Lahale?),
Gaiashk Township, Gaiashk Township Algoma District
Gainsborough Township, Gainsborough Township Lincoln County
Galbraith, Mornington Township Perth County
Galbraith, Ramsay Township Lanark County
Galbraith Township, Galbraith Township Algoma District
Galena Hill, Somerville Township Victoria County
Galesburg, Douro Township Peterborough County
Galeton, Winnington Township Cochrane District
Galetta, Fitzroy Township Carleton County
Gallagher Township, Gallagher Township Sudbury District
Gallingertown, Osnabruck Township Stormont County
Galna Township, Galna Township Cochrane District
Galston, Calvin Township Nipissing District
Galt, North Dumfries Township Waterloo County
Galts Corner, South Fredricksburgh Township Lennox & Addington County
Galway Township, Galway Township Peterborough County
Galway-Cavendish & Harvey Township, Galway-Cavendish & Harvey Township Peterborough County
Gamble Township, Gamble Township Timiskaming District
Gamebridge, Mara Township Simcoe County
Gamebridge Beach, Mara Township Simcoe County
Gameland, Pratt Township Rainy River District
Gamey Township, Gamey Township Sudbury District
Gananoque, Leeds and the Thousand Islands Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Gananoque Junction, Front of Leeds & Lansdowne Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Ganong Township, Ganong Township Cochrane District
Ganounkousenot Island, Wolfe Island Township Frontenac County
Ganselstadtel (Goosetown), Perth County
Gapp Township, Gapp Township Algoma District
Garden Hill, Hope Township Northumberland County
Garden Island, Wolfe Island Township Frontenac County
Garden of Eden, Ross Township Renfrew County
Garden River First Nation, Algoma District
Garden Township, Garden Township Cochrane District
Garden Village, Nipissing District
Gardenville, Ameliasburgh Township Prince Edward County
Gardhouse Township, Gardhouse Township Sudbury District
Gardiner, Blount Township Cochrane District
Gardiner Township, Gardiner Township Cochrane District
Garfield, Oneida Township? or Moulton Township? Haldimand County
Garfield, Goderich Township Huron County
Gargantua, 31-XVIII Algoma District
Garibaldi Township, Garibaldi Township Sudbury District
Garlake, Garson Township Sudbury District
Garnet, Walpole Township Haldimand County
Garnet Township, Garnet Township Sudbury District
Garretton, Augusta Township Grenville County
Garrison Township, Garrison Township Cochrane District
Garrow Township, Garrow Township Nipissing District
Garryowen, Sydenham Township Grey County
Garson Township, Garson Township Sudbury District
Garvey Township, Garvey Township Sudbury District
Garville, Dawn Township Lambton County
Gasline, Humberstone Township Welland County
Gateway, Widdifield Township Nipissing District
Gaud Corners, Darlington Township Durham County
Gaudette Township, Gaudette Township Algoma District
Gaudry Township, Gaudry Township Algoma District
Gaunt Township, Gaunt Township Algoma District
Gauthier Township, Gauthier Township Timiskaming District

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