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Habel Township, Habel Township Cochrane District
Habermehl, Bentinck Township Grey County
Haddo, Matilda Township Dundas County
Haddo Township, Haddo Township Sudbury District
Hadley Township, Hadley Township Algoma District
Haentschel Township, Haentschel Township Sudbury District
Hafstrom, Gill Township Cochrane District
Hagar, Hagar Township & Ratter Township Sudbury District
Hagar Township, Hagar Township Sudbury District
Hagarty and Richards Township, Hagarty and Richards Township Renfrew County
Hagarty Township, Hagarty Township Renfrew County
Hagerman Corners, Markham Township York County
Hagerman Township, Hagerman Township Parry Sound District
Hagersville, Oneida Township Haldimand County
Hagey, Waterloo Township Waterloo County
Hagey Township, Hagey Township Thunder Bay District
Haggart Township, Haggart Township Cochrane District
Hagles Corners, Dereham Township Oxford County
Hagnas Hill, Thessalon Township Algoma District
Haig Township, Haig Township Algoma District
Haight Township, Haight Township Cochrane District
Haileybury, Bucke Township Timiskaming District
Haines Lake, Foley Township Parry Sound District
Haines Township, Haines Township Thunder Bay District
Hainsville, Matilda Township Dundas County
Halcrow Township, Halcrow Township Sudbury District
Haldane Hill, McMurrich Township Parry Sound District
Haldimand, Seneca Township Haldimand County
Haldimand, Haldimand Township Northumberland County
Haldimand & Monck, Haldimand County
Haldimand County, Ontario (Province of)
Haldimand Township, Haldimand Township Northumberland County
Hale, Templeton Township Algoma District
Hale, Dawn Township Lambton County
Hales Bridge, Peterborrough
Haley Station, Ross Township Renfrew County
Halfmoon Point, South Marysburgh Township Prince Edward County
Halfway, Radcliffe Township Renfrew County
Halfway House Corners, Woodhouse Township Norfolk County
Haliburton, Dysart Township Haliburton County
Haliburton (Municipality), Haliburton County
Haliburton County, Ontario (Province of)
Haliburton Lake, Harburn Township Haliburton County
Halifax Township, Halifax Township Sudbury District
Halkirk Township, Halkirk Township Rainy River District
Hall, Fenelon Township Victoria County
Hall Glen, Dummer Township Peterborough County
Hall Township, Hall Township Sudbury District
Hall's Mills, Westminster Township London District
Hallam Township, Hallam Township Sudbury District
Hallebourg, Kendall Township Cochrane District
Hallecks, Elizabethtown Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Hallett Township, Hallett Township Algoma District
Halliday Township, Halliday Township Sudbury District
Halloway, Sidney Township & Thurlow Township Hastings County
Hallowell, Hallowell Township Prince Edward County
Hallowell Township, Hallowell Township Prince Edward County
Halls Lake, Stanhope Township Haliburton County
Halls Mills, Darling Township & Lanark Township Lanark County
Hallville, Mountain Township Dundas County
Halpenny, Lanark Township Lanark County
Halsey Township, Halsey Township Sudbury District
Halstead Beach, Hamilton Township Northumberland County
Halsteads Bay, Front of Leeds & Lansdowne Township Leeds County
Halston, Tyendinaga Township Hastings County
Halton County, Ontario (Province of)
Halton Hills, Esquesing Township Halton County
Halton Hills, Halton Regional Municipality
Halton Region, Halton County
Haltonville, Nassagaweya Township Halton County
Hambleton Township, Hambleton Township Algoma District
Hambly Township, Hambly Township Cochrane District
Hamburg, Wilmot Township Waterloo County
Hamer Bay, Humphrey Township Parry Sound District
Hamills Point, Medora Township Muskoka District
Hamilton, Barton Township Wentworth County
Hamilton (Municipal), Wentworth County
Hamilton Beach, Barton Township Wentworth County
Hamilton Corner, Guelph Township Wellington County
Hamilton East, Wentworth County
Hamilton Heights, Wilmot Township Waterloo County
Hamilton Township, Hamilton Township Northumberland County
Hamilton West, Wentworth County
Hamiltonsfield, Stafford Township Renfrew County
Hamlet, Orillia Township Simcoe County
Hamlet Township, Hamlet Township Cochrane District
Hammell Township, Hammell Township Nipissing District
Hammelville, Flos Township Simcoe County
Hammertown, King Township York County
Hammond, Clarence Township Prescott and Russell United Counties
Hammond Township, Hammond Township Sudbury District
Hampden, Normanby Township Grey County
Hampelsfield, Stafford Township Renfrew County
Hampshire Mills, Orillia Township Simcoe County
Hampstead, North Easthope Township Perth County
Hampton, Darlington Township Durham County
Hanbury, Harley Township Timiskaming District
Hancock Township, Hancock Township Sudbury District
Handleman Township, Handleman Township Algoma District
Haney Township, Haney Township Cochrane District
Hanlan Township, Hanlan Township Cochrane District
Hanlan's Point, York County
Hanmer, Sudbury District
Hanmer Township, Hanmer Township Sudbury District
Hanna Township, Hanna Township Cochrane District
Hannahsville, Nelson Township Halton County
Hanniwell Township, Hanniwell Township Thunder Bay District
Hannon, Barton Township Wentworth County
Hanover, Bentinck Township Grey County
Hansen, Talbot Township Algoma District
Hansen Township, Hansen Township Sudbury District
Happy Hollow, West Hawkesbury Township Prescott County
Happy Valley, King Township York County
Happyland, Orillia Township Simcoe County
Harburn, Harburn Township Haliburton County
Harburn Township, Harburn Township Haliburton County
Harcourt, Harcourt Township Haliburton County
Harcourt Township, Harcourt Township Haliburton County
Hardhead Point, Tiny Township Simcoe County
Hardiman Township, Hardiman Township Sudbury District
Hardrock, Ashmore Township Thunder Bay District
Hardrock Mines, Ashmore Township Thunder Bay District
Hardscrabble, Hamilton Township Northumberland County
Hardwick Township, Hardwick Township Thunder Bay District
Hardwood Hill, Culross Township Bruce County
Hardwood Lake, Raglan Township Renfrew County
Hardy Island, Seymour Township Northumberland County
Hardy Township, Hardy Township Parry Sound District
Hares Corners, North Dorchester Township Middlesex County
Harewood Township, Harewood Township Cochrane District
Harfred, Pedley Township Nipissing District
Harkaway, Euphrasia Township Grey County
Harker Township, Harker Township Cochrane District
Harlem, Bastard Township Leeds County
Harley, Burford Township Brant County
Harley Township, Harley Township Timiskaming District
Harlock, Hullett Township Huron County
Harlowe, Barrie Township Frontenac County
Harmon Township, Harmon Township Cochrane District
Harmony, St Joseph Township Algoma District
Harmony, Winchester Township Dundas County
Harmony, South Easthope Township Perth County
Harmony, East Whitby Township Ontario County
Harmony Valley, East Whitby Township Ontario County
Harold, Rawdon Township Hastings County
Harper, Bathurst Township Lanark County
Harper Corners, East Flamborough Township Wentworth County
Harpley, Stephen Township Huron County
Harpurhey, Tuckersmith Township Huron County
Harriets Corners, Brudenell Township Renfrew County
Harrietsville, North Dorchester Township Middlesex County
Harrington West, West Zorra Township Oxford County
Harris Hill, Spohn Township Rainy River District
Harris Island, Otonabee Township Peterborough County
Harris Lake, Wallbridge Township Parry Sound District
Harris Township, Harris Township Timiskaming District
Harrisburg, South Dumfries Township Brant County
Harrison Township, Harrison Township Parry Sound District
Harrisons Corners, Cornwall Township Stormont County
Harriston, Minto Township Wellington County
Harriston Junction, Minto Township Wellington County
Harrow, Colchester South Township Essex County
Harrow Township, Harrow Township Sudbury District
Harrowsmith, Portland Township Frontenac County
Harrowsmith, Colchester South Township Essex County
Harry Smith, Ameliasburgh Township Prince Edward County
Harstone, Paipoonge Township Thunder Bay District
Hart Township, Hart Township Sudbury District
Hartfell, Strong Township Parry Sound District
Hartford, Walpole Township Haldimand County
Hartington, Portland Township Frontenac County
Hartington Township, Hartington Township Thunder Bay District
Hartle Township, Hartle Township Nipissing District
Hartley, Eldon Township Victoria County
Hartley Bay, Allen Township Sudbury District
Hartman Township, Hartman Township Kenora District
Hartsmere, Mayo Township Hastings County
Harty, Idington Township Cochrane District
Harty Township, Harty Township Sudbury District
Harvey, Heathcote Township Thunder Bay District
Harvey Township, Harvey Township Peterborough County
Harwich, Harwich Township Kent County
Harwich Township, Harwich Township Kent County
Harwood, Alnwick Township Northumberland County
Hassard Township, Hassard Township Sudbury District
Hastings, Asphodel Township & Percy Township Peterborough County & Northumberland County
Hastings County, Ontario (Province of)
Hastings East, Hastings County
Hastings Highlands, Hastings County
Hastings North, Hastings County
Hastings West, Hastings County
Hatchley, Burford Township Brant County
Hatherton, Osprey Township Grey County
Hatrick Point, Otonabee Township Peterborough County
Hatsfield, Plantagenet Township Prescott County
Haughton Township, Haughton Township Algoma District
Haultain, Burleigh Township Peterborough County
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