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Hoard Station,
Hoards, Seymour Township Northumberland County
Hoasic, Williamsburgh Township Dundas County
Hoath Head, Sydenham Township Grey County
Hobart, Medonte Township Simcoe County
Hobbs Township, Hobbs Township Nipissing District
Hoblitzell Township, Hoblitzell Township Cochrane District
Hobson Township, Hobson Township Cochrane District
Hockley, Adjala Township Simcoe County
Hockley Valley, Albion Township Peel County
Hodgetts Township, Hodgetts Township Sudbury District
Hodgins Township, Hodgins Township Algoma District
Hodgson, Clara Township Renfrew County
Hodgson Township, Hodgson Township Kenora District
Hoey Township, Hoey Township Sudbury District
Hoffman, Petawawa Township Renfrew County
Hoffman Corners, Harwich Township Kent County
Hoffman Township, Hoffman Township Algoma District
Hogan, Tudor Township Hastings County
Hogarth, Ledger Township Thunder Bay District
Hogarth Township, Hogarth Township Thunder Bay District
Hogg, Sarawak Township Grey County
Hogg Township, Hogg Township Cochrane District
Hogg's Hollow, North York Township York County
Holbrook, North Norwich Township Oxford County
Holford, Holland Township Grey County
Holiday, East Nissouri Township Oxford County
Holiday Harbour, Romney Township Kent County
Holland, Front of Escott Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Holland Centre, Holland Township Grey County
Holland Landing, East Gwillimbury Township York County
Holland Township, Holland Township Grey County
Hollandville, Adolphustown Township Lennox & Addington County
Holleford, Portland Township & Loughborough Township Frontenac County
Hollen, Maryborough Township Wellington County
Holliday Point, Wolfe Island Township Frontenac County
Hollinger Township, Hollinger Township Sudbury District
Holloway Township, Holloway Township Cochrane District
Holly, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Holmes Point, Georgina Township York County
Holmes Township, Holmes Township Timiskaming District
Holmesdale, Enniskillen Township Lambton County
Holmesville, Goderich Township Huron County
Holmur, Foley Township Parry Sound District
Holstein, Egremont Township Grey County
Holstein Dam, Egremont Township Grey County
Holt, East Gwillimbury Township York County
Holtyre, Hislop Township Cochrane District
Holyrood, Kinloss Township Bruce County
Home District,
Home Township, Home Township Algoma District
Homer, Niagara Township Lincoln County
Homer, Taylor Township Cochrane District
Homer Township, Homer Township Thunder Bay District
Homuth Township, Homuth Township Cochrane District
Honey Harbour, Baxter Township Muskoka District
Honeys Beach, Reach Township Ontario County
Honeywell Corners, Thurlow Township Hastings County
Honeywell Township, Honeywell Township Kenora District
Honeywood, Mulmur Township Dufferin County
Hong Kong Township, Hong Kong Township Sudbury District
Honora, Bidwell Township Manitoulin District
Hood, Dalhousie Township Lanark County
Hood, Dalhousie Township Lanark County
Hook Township, Hook Township Algoma District
Hoover Point, Rainham Township Haldimand County
Hope, Vaughan Township York County
Hope Bay, Eastnor Township Bruce County
Hope Island, Tiny Township Simcoe County
Hope Mill, Otonabee Township Peterborough County
Hope Township, Hope Township Northumberland County
Hopefield, Radcliffe Township Renfrew County
Hopetown, Lanark Township Lanark County
Hopeville, Proton Township Grey County
Hopkins Township, Hopkins Township Cochrane District
Horaceville, March Township Carleton County
Horden Township, Horden Township Cochrane District
Hornby, Esquesing Township Halton County
Horncliff Valley,
Horne, Michener Township Thunder Bay District
Horne Township, Horne Township Thunder Bay District
Hornell Township, Hornell Township Sudbury District
Hornepayne, Wicksteed Township Algoma District
Hornepayne Township, Hornepayne Township Algoma District
Horning's Mills, Melancthon Township Dufferin County
Horse Island, Parry Sound Township Parry Sound District
Horseshoe Lake, Minden Township Haliburton County
Horseshoe Lake, Foley Township Parry Sound District
Horsey, Templeton Township Algoma District
Horton Point, Kincardine Township Bruce County
Horton Township, Horton Township Renfrew County
Horwood Lake, Penhorwood Township Sudbury District
Horwood Township, Horwood Township Sudbury District
Hoskins Township, Hoskins Township Sudbury District
Hotham, Gurd Township Parry Sound District
Hotrum, Dill Township Sudbury District
Hotte Township, Hotte Township Algoma District
Houck Township, Houck Township Thunder Bay District
Hough Lake, Savard Township Timiskaming District
Hough Mills, Roxborough Township Stormont County
Houghton Centre, Houghton Township Norfolk County
Houghton Township, Houghton Township Norfolk County
Houseys Rapids, Ryde Township Muskoka District
Houston, Maryborough Township Wellington County or Waterloo County?
Howard, Howard Township Kent County
Howard Township, Howard Township Kent County
Howdenvale, Albemarle Township Bruce County
Howe Island, Howe Island Township Frontenac County
Howe Island, Howe Island Township Frontenac County
Howe Island Township, Howe Island Township Frontenac County
Howells Township, Howells Township Cochrane District
Howey Township, Howey Township Sudbury District
Howick Township, Howick Township Huron County
Howick Village, Howick Township Huron County
Howland, Snowdon Township Haliburton County
Howland Township, Howland Township Manitoulin District
Howlett, Middlesex County
Hoyle Township, Hoyle Township Cochrane District

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