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Jack Lake, Sunnidale Township Simcoe County
Jack Lake, Methuen Township Peterborough County
Jack Miner Sanctuary, Gosfield South Township Essex County
Jack Township, Jack Township Sudbury District
Jackfish, Township 82 Thunder Bay District
Jackman Township, Jackman Township Kenora District
Jacknife Lodge, Carling Township Parry Sound District
Jackpine, Devon Township Thunder Bay District
Jackpine, McComber Township Thunder Bay District
Jackson, Derby Township Grey County
Jackson Manion, Dent Township Kenora District
Jackson Mills,
Jackson Township, Jackson Township Algoma District
Jacksonboro, Kendrey Township Cochrane District
Jacksonburg, Houghton Township Norfolk County
Jacksons Point, Georgina Township York County
Jacobson Township, Jacobson Township Algoma District
Jacques Township, Jacques Township Thunder Bay District
Jaffa, Malahide Township Elgin County
Jaffray Melick, Kenora District
Jaffray Township, Jaffray Township Kenora District
James, Gibbard Township Thunder Bay District
James Bay,
James Bay, Foley Township Parry Sound District
James Township, James Township Timiskaming District
Jamestown, Morris Township & Grey Township Huron County
Jamestown, Yarmouth Township Elgin County
Jamestown, McMurray Township Algoma District
Jamesville, Howard Township Kent County
Jamieson Township, Jamieson Township Cochrane District
Jamot, Bigwood Township & Mason Township Sudbury District
Janes Township, Janes Township Sudbury District
Janetville, Manvers Township Victoria County
Janeville, Gloucester Township Carleton County
Jaratt, Medonte Township & Oro Township Simcoe County
Jarlsberg, Monteith Township Parry Sound District
Jarvis, Walpole Township Haldimand County
Jarvis River, Blake Township Thunder Bay District
Jarvis Township, Jarvis Township Algoma District
Jasper, Kitley Township & Wolford Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Jasper Township, Jasper Township Sudbury District
Jean Township, Jean Township Thunder Bay District
Jeannette, Tilbury East Township Kent County
Jeannettes Creek, Tilbury East Township Kent County
Jedburgh, Dumfries Township Waterloo County
Jefferson, Markham Township York County
Jeffries Township, Jeffries Township Sudbury District
Jellicoe, Leduc Township Thunder Bay District
Jellicoe, Blandford Township Oxford County
Jelly, Paipoonge Township Thunder Bay District
Jellyby, Elizabethtown Township Leeds County
Jennings Township, Jennings Township Sudbury District
Jericho, Bosanquet Township Lambton County
Jermyn, Otonabee Township Peterborough County
Jerome, Osway Township Sudbury District
Jersey, Georgina Township York County
Jerseyville, Ancaster Township Wentworth County
Jessiman Township, Jessiman Township Algoma District
Jessop Township, Jessop Township Cochrane District
Jessopville, Melancthon Township & Amaranth Township Dufferin County
Jessups Falls, North Plantagenet Township Prescott County
Jevins, Muskoka Township Muskoka District
Jewellville, Raglan Township Renfrew County
Joan Township, Joan Township Nipissing District
Joburke, Keith Township Sudbury District
Jocelyn, Jocelyn Township Algoma District
Jocelyn Township, Jocelyn Township Algoma District
Jocko, Osborne Township Nipissing District
Jocko River, Eddy Township Nipissing District
Jocko Township, Jocko Township Nipissing District
Joes Lake, Lavant Township Lanark County
Joffre Township, Joffre Township Sudbury District
Jogues, Way Township Cochrane District
Jogues Township, Jogues Township Algoma District
Johns Township, Johns Township Algoma District
Johnson, Sydenham Township Grey County
Johnson, Gillies Limit Township Timiskaming District
Johnson Township, Johnson Township Algoma District
Johnson's Channel,
Johnsons Ferry, South Plantagenet Township Prescott County
Johnsons Landing, Sibley Township Thunder Bay District
Johnston Bay, Walpole Island Township Kent County
Johnston Station, Waterloo County
Johnstown, Sidney Township Hastings County
Johnstown, Edwardsburgh Township Grenville County
Johnstown District,
Jollineau Township, Jollineau Township Algoma District
Joly Township, Joly Township Parry Sound District
Jones, Emily Township Victoria County
Jones Falls, South Crosby Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Jones Township, Jones Township Renfrew County
Jordan, Louth Township Lincoln County
Jordan Harbour, Louth Township Lincoln County
Jordan Station, Louth Township Lincoln County
Jordon Township, Jordon Township Kenora District
Joseph Lake, Muskoka District
Josephburg, Wilmot Township Waterloo County
Josephine, 28-XXV Algoma District
Joubin Township, Joubin Township Algoma District
Joyceville, Pittsburgh Township Frontenac County
Joyland Beach, Mara Township Simcoe County
Joynt Township, Joynt Township Thunder Bay District
Judge, Casey Township Timiskaming District
Judgeville, Kitley Township Leeds County
Juillette Township, Juillette Township Algoma District
Junetown, Front of Escott Township Leeds County
Jura, Bosanquet Township Lambton County
Jutten Township, Jutten Township Thunder Bay District

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