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Kabaigon, Hagey Township Thunder Bay District
Kagawong, Billings Township Manitoulin District
Kahshe, Muskoka District
Kahshe Lake, Morrison Township Muskoka District
Kaiserville, North York Township York County
Kakabeka Falls, Oliver Township Thunder Bay District
Kaladar, Kaladar Township Lennox & Addington County
Kaladar Township, Kaladar Township Lennox & Addington County
Kalaria Island, Leeds & Frontenac Counties
Kalen Township, Kalen Township Sudbury District
Kama, Township 91 Thunder Bay District
Kama Bay, Thunder Bay District
Kamichisitit Township, Kamichisitit Township Algoma District
Kaministikwia, Ware Township Thunder Bay District
Kanata, March Township Carleton County
Kane Township, Kane Township Algoma District
Kapiskau, Patricia Region Kenora District
Kaplan Township, Kaplan Township Sudbury District
Kapuskasing, O'Brien Township Cochrane District
Kapuskasing Township, Kapuskasing Township Algoma District
Karalash Corners, Havilland Township Algoma District
Kars, North Gower Township Carleton County
Kars Township, Kars Township Algoma District
Kasabonika, Patricia Region Kenora District
Kasabonika Lake First Nation, Patricia Region, Kenora District
Kashabowie, Thunder Bay District
Kashechewan, Patricia Region Kenora District
Kasshabog Lake, Methuen Township Peterborough County
Kaszuby, Radcliffe Township Renfrew County
Katesville, Adelaide Township Middlesex County
Kathlyn Lake, Canisbay Township Nipissing District
Kathlyn Lake, Echo Township Kenora District
Kathmae Siding, Pembroke Township & Westmeath Township Renfrew County
Kathmore, Master Township Nipissing District
Katrine, Armour Township Parry Sound District
Katrine Township, Katrine Township Timiskaming District
Kawagama Lake, Havelock, Livingstone, McClintock & Sherborne Townships Haliburton County
Kawartha Heights, North Monaghan Township Peterborough County
Kawartha Lakes, Victoria County
Kawartha Park, Smith Township Peterborough County
Kaye Point, Monck Township Muskoka District
Keadon Park, Walpole Township Haldimand County
Keady, Derby Township Grey County
Kearney, Perry Township & Bethune Township Parry Sound District
Kearns, McGarry Township Timiskaming District
Keating Add'l Township, Keating Add'l Township Algoma District
Keating Township, Keating Township Algoma District
Kee-Way-Win Indian Settlement, Kenora District
Keefer Township, Keefer Township Cochrane District
Keego, Ames Township Thunder Bay District
Keeler's Mills, Asphodel Township Peterborough County
Keelerville, Storrington Township Frontenac County
Keemle, Lindsley Township Thunder Bay District
Keenansville, Adjala Township Simcoe County
Keene, Otonabee Township Peterborough County
Keene, Asphodel Township Peterborough County
Keesickquayash Township, Keesickquayash Township Algoma District
Keewatin, Pellat Township Kenora District
Keewatin, District of,
Keewaydin, Cynthia Township Nipissing District
Kehoe Township, Kehoe Township Algoma District
Keith, Chatham Township Kent County
Keith Township, Keith Township Sudbury District
Keldon, Proton Township & East Luther Township Grey County & Dufferin County
Keller Bridge, Madoc Township Hastings County
Kellers, Seymour Township Northumberland County
Kells, Chisholm Township Nipissing District
Kelly, Savanne Township Thunder Bay District
Kelly Station, West Nissouri Township Middlesex County
Kelly Township, Kelly Township Sudbury District
Kellys Corner, Bromley Township Renfrew County
Kelsey Township, Kelsey Township Sudbury District
Kelso, Nassagaweya Township Halton County
Kelso Township, Kelso Township Sudbury District
Kelvin, Burford Township Brant County
Kelvin Township, Kelvin Township Sudbury District
Kemble, Keppel Township Grey County
Kemp Township, Kemp Township Sudbury District
Kempenfeldt, Vespra Township Simcoe County
Kempenfeldt Bay,
Kemptville, Oxford-on-Rideau Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Kenabeek, Henwood Township Timiskaming District
Kenabutch, Lewis Township Algoma District
Kendal, Clarke Township Durham County
Kendall Township, Kendall Township Cochrane District
Kendrey Township, Kendrey Township Cochrane District
Kendry, North Monaghan Township Peterborough County
Keneden Park, Emily Township Victoria County
Kenhill Beach, Verulam Township Victoria County
Kenilworth, Arthur Township Wellington County
Kenmare Township, Kenmare Township Bathurst District
Kenmore, Osgoode Township Carleton County
Kennaway, Harcourt Township Haliburton County
Kennebec Township, Kennebec Township Frontenac County
Kennedy, Talbot Township Algoma District
Kennedy Acres, Plympton Township Lambton County
Kennedy Bay, Fenelon Township Victoria County
Kennedy Township, Kennedy Township Cochrane District
Kennedys, Strong Township Parry Sound District
Kenney, Flett Township Nipissing District
Kennicott, Logan Township Perth County
Kenning Township, Kenning Township Cochrane District
Kennisis Lake, Havelock Township Haliburton County
Kenny Township, Kenny Township Nipissing District
Kenogami Lake, Eby Township & Grenfell Township Timiskaming District
Kenogaming Township, Kenogaming Township Sudbury District
Kenora, Kenora District
Kenora, Jaffray Township Kenora District
Kenora District, Ontario (Province of)
Kenora First Nation, Kenora District
Kenstone Beach, Verulam Township Victoria County
Kent Bridge, Chatham Township Kent County
Kent Centre, Harwich Township Kent County
Kent County, Ontario (Province of)
Kent East, Kent County
Kent West, Kent County
Kentvale, St Joseph Township & Jocelyn Township Algoma District
Kenwell, Errington Township Thunder Bay District
Kenyon Township, Kenyon Township Glengarry County
Kepler, Kingston Township Frontenac County
Keppel Township, Keppel Township Grey County
Kerns Township, Kerns Township Timiskaming District
Kerr Lake, Coleman Township Timiskaming District
Kerr Line, Ross Township Renfrew County
Kerr's Creek, East Whitby Township Ontario County
Kerrs Township, Kerrs Township Cochrane District
Kertch, Plympton Township Lambton County
Kerwood, Adelaide Township Middlesex County
Keswick, North Gwillimbury Township York County
Keswick Beach, North Gwillimbury Township York County
Kettle Point, Bosanquet Township Lambton County
Kettle Point First Nation, Lambton County
Kettleby, King Township York County
Keward, Sullivan Township Grey County
Keyser, Adelaide Township Middlesex County
Keystone Camps, Bertram Township Nipissing District
Khartum, Griffith Township Renfrew County
Khiva, Stephen Township Huron County
Kiawanna Beach, St Vincent Township Grey County
Kidd Township, Kidd Township Cochrane District
Kilbirnie, Pittsburgh Township Frontenac County
Kilbride, Nelson Township Halton County
Kilcoo Camp, Lutterworth Township Haliburton County
Kildare Township, Kildare Township Algoma District
Kilgorie, Mulmur Township Dufferin County
Kilkenny Township, Kilkenny Township Thunder Bay District
Killala Township, Killala Township Kenora District
Killaloe, Hagarty Township Renfrew County
Killaloe Station, Hagarty Township Renfrew County
Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Township, Renfrew County
Killarney, Killarney Township Manitoulin District
Killarney Beach, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Killarney Township, Killarney Township Manitoulin District
Killean, Puslinch Township Wellington County
Killins Township, Killins Township Algoma District
Killoran, Avon Township Cochrane District
Killraine Township, Killraine Township Thunder Bay District
Killyleagh, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Kilmanagh, Caledon Township Peel County
Kilmarnock, Montague Township Lanark County
Kilmarnock, Orford Township Kent County
Kilmartin, Mosa Township & Metcalfe Township Middlesex County
Kilmer Township, Kilmer Township Cochrane District
Kilpatrick Township, Kilpatrick Township Sudbury District
Kilrush, Boulter Township Nipissing District
Kilsyth, Derby Township Grey County
Kilworth, Delaware Township Middlesex County
Kilworthy, Morrison Township Muskoka District
Kimball, Moore Township Lambton County
Kimberley, Euphrasia Township Grey County
Kimberley Township, Kimberley Township Timiskaming District
Kimbo, South Grimsby Township Lincoln County
Kinburn, Hullett Township Huron County
Kincaid Township, Kincaid Township Algoma District
Kincardine, Bruce County
Kincardine, Kincardine Township Bruce County
Kincardine Township, Kincardine Township Bruce County
Kinch Street, Kitley Township Leeds County
Kincora Corners, Perth County
Kineras Township, Kineras Township Cochrane District
King City, King Township York County
King Kirkland, Lebel Township Timiskaming District
King Pitt, Pittsburgh Township Frontenac County
King Township, King Township York County
Kingarf, Kincardine Township & Greenock Township Bruce County
Kingdon Mine, Fitzroy Township Carleton County
Kingfisher First Nations, Patricia Region, Kenora District
Kinghorn, Legault Township Thunder Bay District
Kinghurst, Sullivan Township Grey County
Kinglake, Houghton Township Norfolk County
Kinglake, Bayham Township Elgin County
Kings Wharf, Emily Township Victoria County
Kingsbridge, Ashfield Township Huron County
Kingscote, Proton Township Grey County
Kingscourt, Warwick Township Lambton County
Kingscross Estates, King Township York County
Kingsford, Tyendinaga Township & Richmond Township Hastings County & Lennox and Addington County
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