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Le May Township, Le May Township Kenora District
Le Roche Township, Le Roche Township Nipissing District
Leadbury, McKillop Township Huron County
Leamington, Essex County
Leamington, Mersea Township Essex County
Leaside, East York Township York County
Leask Township, Leask Township Sudbury District
Leaskdale, Scott Township Ontario County
Lebanon, Maryborough Township Wellington County
Lebel Township, Lebel Township Timiskaming District
LeCaron Township, LeCaron Township Algoma District
Leckie Township, Leckie Township Timiskaming District
Leclaire Township, Leclaire Township Algoma District
Lecours Township, Lecours Township Thunder Bay District
Ledger Township, Ledger Township Thunder Bay District
Ledgerwoods Corner, Westmeath Township Renfrew County
Leduc Township, Leduc Township Thunder Bay District
Lee, Oliver Township Thunder Bay District
Lee Township, Lee Township Timiskaming District
Lee Valley, May Township & Hallam Township Sudbury District
Leeburn, Aberdeen Township Algoma District
Leeds, Rear of Leeds and Lansdowne Township Leeds County
Leeds & Grenville North, Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Leeds and Grenville, Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Leeds and The Thousand Islands Township, Leeds and The Thousand Islands Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Leeds County, Ontario (Province of)
Leeds South, Leeds County
Leek Island, Leeds & Frontenac Counties
Leesboro, West Nissouri Township Middlesex County
Leeson Township, Leeson Township Sudbury District
Leeville, Barber Township Timiskaming District
Lefaives Corners, Tiny Township Simcoe County
Lefaivre, Alfred Township Prescott and Russell United Counties
Lefebvre Township, Lefebvre Township Algoma District
Lefroy, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Lefroy Township, Lefroy Township Algoma District
Leg Lake, 28-XXIV Algoma District
Leg Lake, Earngey Township Patricia Region, Kenora District
Legarde Add'l Township, Legarde Add'l Township Algoma District
Legarde Township, Legarde Township Algoma District
Legault Township, Legault Township Thunder Bay District
Leggatt, East Luther Township Dufferin County
Legge, Front of Leeds and Lansdowne Township Leeds County
Legge Township, Legge Township Algoma District
Leguerrier Township, Leguerrier Township Algoma District
Lehighs Corners, Kitley Township Leeds County
Lehman Township, Lehman Township Algoma District
Leigh, Flanders Township Thunder Bay District
Leinster, Richmond Township Lennox & Addington County
Leinster Township, Leinster Township Sudbury District
Leitch Township, Leitch Township Cochrane District
Leith, Sydenham Township Grey County
Leith Township, Leith Township Timiskaming District
Leland, Loughborough Township & Storrington Township Frontenac County
Leluk Township, Leluk Township Algoma District
Lemieux, South Plantaganet Township Prescott and Russell United Counties
Lemoine Point, Kingston Township Frontenac County
Lemoine Township, Lemoine Township Sudbury District
Lemonville, Whitchurch Township York County
Lendrum Township, Lendrum Township Algoma District
Lennon, Wicksteed Township Algoma District
Lennox, Lennox & Addington County
Lennox and Addington County, Ontario (Province of)
Lennox County, Upper Canada
Lennox Township, Lennox Township Cochrane District
Lenox County, Upper Canada
Lens, Camden Township Lennox & Addington County
Leo Township, Leo Township Timiskaming District
Leonard Township, Leonard Township Timiskaming District
Leonards Beach, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Lepage, Williamson Township Cochrane District
Lepede Township, Carleton County?
Leroux Island, Leeds & Frontenac Counties
Lerwick Township, Lerwick Township Algoma District
Leskard, Clarke Township Durham County
Leslie Township, Leslie Township Thunder Bay District
Leslieville, East York Township York County
Lessard Township, Lessard Township Algoma District
Lett Township, Lett Township Thunder Bay District
Letterbreen, Normanby Township & Egremont Township Grey County
Letterkenny, Brudenell Township Renfrew County
Letts Corners, Wilberforce Township Renfrew County
Levack, Levack Township Sudbury District
Levack Township, Levack Township Sudbury District
Levergood Beach, Colchester South Township Essex County
Levesque Township, Levesque Township Algoma District
Lewers Township, Lewers Township Cochrane District
Lewis Corners, Ekfrid Township Middlesex County
Lewis Corners, Elizabethtown Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Lewis Township, Lewis Township Algoma District
Lewisham, Ryde Township Muskoka District
Ley Point, Hamilton Township Northumberland County
Ley Township, Ley Township Algoma District

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