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M'chigeeng First Nation, Manitoulin District
Mabee Township, Mabee Township Cochrane District
Mabee's Corners, Middleton Township Norfolk County
Mabella, Blackwell Township Thunder Bay District
Maberly, South Sherbrooke Township Lanark County
Macaskill Township, Macaskill Township Algoma District
Macaulay Mountain, Hallowell Township Prince Edward County
Macaulay Township, Macaulay Township Muskoka District
MacBeth Township, MacBeth Township Sudbury District
Macdiarmid, Kilkenny Township Thunder Bay District
Macdiarmid Township, Macdiarmid Township Cochrane District
MacDonald Bay, Methuen Township Peterborough County
MacDonald Beach, Mara Township Ontario County
Macdonald Township, Macdonald Township Algoma District
MacDonalds Grove, Roxborough Township Stormont County
Macduff, Woolrich Township Algoma District
Mace, Steele Township Cochrane District
Maceys Bay, Baxter Township Muskoka District
MacFie Township, MacFie Township Kenora District
MacGillivrays Bridge, Charlottenburgh Township Glengarry County
MacGregor Township, MacGregor Township Thunder Bay District
Machar Township, Machar Township Parry Sound District
Machel's Corners, York County
Machell's Corners, Whitchurch Township York County
Machin Township, Machin Township Cochrane District
Mack, Hogarth Township Thunder Bay District
Mack Township, Mack Township Algoma District
Mackelcan Township, Mackelcan Township Sudbury District
Mackenzie, MacGregor Township Thunder Bay District
Mackey, Head Township Renfrew County
Mackeys Station, Head Township Renfrew County
Mackies, Hardwick Township Thunder Bay District
Macklem Township, Macklem Township Cochrane District
Macklin Settlement, Haldimand Township Northumberland
Macksville, Ekfrid Township Middlesex County
MacLaren's Landing, Carleton County
MacLean Park, Pittsburgh Township Frontenac County
Maclennan, Tarbutt Additional Township Algoma District
Maclennan Township, Maclennan Township Sudbury District
Macmurchy Township, Macmurchy Township Sudbury District
MacNichol Township, MacNichol Township Kenora District
MacPherson Point, Bruce Township Bruce County
Macpherson Township, Macpherson Township Nipissing District
MacQuarrie Township, MacQuarrie Township Kenora District
MacTier, Georgian Bay Township Muskoka District
Macton, Peel Township Wellington County
Macvicar Township, Macvicar Township Cochrane District
Macville, Albion Township Peel County
Macwell, Errington Township Thunder Bay District
Mad River Mills,
Madawaska, Murchison Township Nipissing District
Madawaska River, Renfrew County
Madawaska Township, Madawaska Township Renfrew County
Madawaska Valley Township, Madawaska Valley Township Renfrew County
Madigans, Hawanaga Township Parry Sound District
Madoc, Madoc Township & Huntingdon Township Hastings County
Madoc Junction, Rawdon Township Hastings County
Madoc Township, Madoc Township Hastings County
Madsen, Baird Township Patricia Region, Kenora District
Maeck Township, Maeck Township Algoma District
Maecks Subdivision, Machar Township Parry Sound District
Mafeking, Ashfield Township Huron County
Mafeking Township, Mafeking Township Kenora District
Magawong Village, Billings Township Manitoulin District
Mageau Township, Mageau Township Sudbury District
Magladery Township, Magladery Township Cochrane District
Magnetawan, Parry Sound District
Magnetawan, Chapman Township Parry Sound District
Magnetawan First Nation, Parry Sound District
Magone Township, Magone Township Algoma District
Magpie, 29-XXIV Algoma District
Magpie Mine, Township 29-XXVI Algoma District
Mahaffy Township, Mahaffy Township Cochrane District
Maher, Ireland Township Cochrane District
Maher Township, Maher Township Cochrane District
Mahoney Township, Mahoney Township Cochrane District
Maidens, South Lorrain Township Timiskaming District
Maidstone, Sandwich South Township Essex County
Maidstone Township, Maidstone Township Essex County
Maidstone Township Central, Maidstone Township Essex County
Main Duck Island, Prince Edward County
Mainsville, Edwardsburgh Township Grenville County
Mair Mills, Nottawasaga Township Simcoe County
Maisonville Township, Maisonville Township Timiskaming District
Maitland, Augusta Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Maitland River, Colborne Township Huron County
Majorville, Pickering Township Ontario County
Makawa Township, Makawa Township Algoma District
Makwa, Champagne Township Sudbury District
Malachi, Rudd Township Kenora District
Malachi Township, Malachi Township Kenora District
Malahide Township, Malahide Township Elgin County
Malakoff, Marlborough Township Carleton County
Malcolm, Brant Township Bruce County
Malcolm's Mills, Burford Township & Oakland Township Brant County
Malden Centre, Malden Township Essex County
Malden Township, Malden Township Essex County
Mallard Township, Mallard Township Sudbury District
Mallory's Corners, Lansdowne Township Leeds County
Mallorytown, Front of Yonge Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Mallorytown Landing, Front of Yonge Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Malone, Marmora Township Hastings County
Malta, Bruce Township Bruce County
Malton, Toronto Gore Township & Toronto Township Peel County
Malvern, Scarborough Township York County
Manasseh, East Luther Township Dufferin County
Manbert, Harrison Township Parry Sound District
Manchester, Reach Township Ontario County
Manchester, East Wawanosh Township, West Wawanosh Township & Hullett Township Huron County
Mandamin Township, Mandamin Township Algoma District
Mandaumin, Plympton Township Lambton County
Manders, Shenston Township Rainy River District
Maness Township, Maness Township Algoma District
Manhard's Mills, North Crosby Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Manilla, Mariposa Township Victoria County
Manion, Bathurst Township Lanark County
Manion Corners, West Carleton Township Carleton County
Manion Township, Manion Township Thunder Bay District
Manitou Dock, Conger Towsnhip Parry Sound District
Manitou Rapids First Nation, Township 4, Range 25 & Township 5, Range 26 Rainy River District
Manitoulin District, Ontario (Province of)
Manitoulin Gulf, Manitoulin District
Manitoulin Island, Manitoulin District
Manitouwadge, Gertrude Township Thunder Bay District
Manitouwadge Township, Manitouwadge Township Thunder Bay District
Manitowaning, Assiginack Township Manitoulin District
Manitowaning Bay, Manitoulin District
Manley, McKillop Township Huron County
Mann Township, Mann Township Cochrane District
Mannheim, Wilmot Township Waterloo County
Manning Township, Manning Township Sudbury District
Manomin, Fleming Township Rainy River District
Manomin Island, Leeds & Frontenac Counties
Manotick, North Gower Township Carleton County
Manross Township, Manross Township Kenora District
Mansewood, Esquesing Township Halton County
Mansfield, Mulmur Township Dufferin County
Mansfield, McNab Township Renfrew County
Manvers, Manvers Township Victoria County
Manvers Township, Manvers Township Victoria County
Maple, Vaughan Township York County
Maple Avenue, Rama Township Ontario County
Maple Beach, Thorah Township Ontario County
Maple Grove, Oakland Township Brant County
Maple Grove, Amaranth Township Dufferin County
Maple Grove, Darlington Township Durham County
Maple Grove, Front of Leeds & Lansdowne Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Maple Grove, London Township Middlesex County
Maple Hill, Brant Township Bruce County
Maple Hill, East Gwillimbury Township York County
Maple Hill, Storrington Township Frontenac County
Maple Island, McKenzie Township Parry Sound District
Maple Lake, Stanhope Township Haliburton County
Maple Lake Park, Blandford Township Oxford County
Maple Lane, Egremont Township Grey County
Maple Lawn, Kingston Township Frontenac County
Maple Leaf, Wicklow Township Hastings County
Maple Lodge, McGillivray Township Middlesex County
Maple Ridge, Winchester Township Dundas County
Maple Row, East Hawkesbury Township Prescott County
Maple Valley, Nottawasaga Township Grey County
Maple Valley, Orillia Township Simcoe County
Maple View, Murray Township Northumberland County
Maple Wood, West Zorra Township Oxford County
Mapledoram Township, Mapledoram Township Thunder Bay District
Maplegrove, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Mapleton, Yarmouth Township Elgin County
Mapleton, Wallace or Elma Township Perth County
Mapleton Township, Mapleton Township Wellington County
Maplewood, West Zorra Township Oxford County
Mar, Albermarle Township Bruce County
Mara, Mara Township Simcoe County
Mara Beach, Mara Township Simcoe County
Mara Point, Mara Township Simcoe County
Mara Township, Mara Township Simcoe County
Marathon, Pic Township Thunder Bay District
Marathon Township, Marathon Township Cochrane District
Marble Bluff, Darling Township Lanark County
Marble Rock, Front of Leeds & Lansdowne Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Marburg, Woodhouse Township Norfolk County
Marceau Township, Marceau Township Cochrane District
March Township, March Township Carleton County
Marchmont, Orillia Township Simcoe County
Marconi Township, Marconi Township Sudbury District
Marden, Guelph Township Wellington County
Marentette Beach, Mersea Township Essex County
Margach, Jaffray Township Kenora District
Margaret Township, Margaret Township Sudbury District
Maria, Middlesex County
Maria Township, Maria Township Renfrew County
Mariatown, Williamsburgh Township Dundas County
Marina Estates, Georgina Township York County
Marine Park, Dover Township Kent County
Marion Township, Marion Township Sudbury District
Marionville, Russell Township Russell County
Mariposa, Mariposa Township Victoria County
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